Best 12 Profitable Digital Products[Where to Sell]

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Ideas for Digital Products

You must work hard to build your product after determining there is enough demand for it. Here are some examples of different digital things you can offer in case you're stuck for ideas:

Best 12 Profitable Digital Products

  • E-books
    You can produce an ebook relatively quickly (days to weeks – I turned my thesis into an ebook rapidly) if you're prepared to do the research or write about a topic you're enthusiastic about. Alternately, if you're imaginative and want to create a narrative, consider writing fiction.


The Designer's Thought 101 is an ebook for new and upcoming designers. It provides information on how to make the most of a designer's creativity and how to create a better design. The book covers topics such as typography, grid systems, color theory, and more. It also provides information on how to work with other designers and how to work with clients.
  • Online courses

In fact, some claim to have made more than ten times as much money with Courses as they had with authoring eBooks (while spending a fraction of the time developing a Course since it mainly involves speaking in front of a camera).

Best 12 Profitable Digital Products[Where to Sell]
Best 12 Profitable Digital Products
  • Build and resell websites
    Do you have a lot of experience designing eye-catching websites? also, producing content? Websites can be created and sold at different stages. from recently launched websites to fully developed websites with high traffic. Use a site like, perhaps.
Best 12 Profitable Digital Products[Where to Sell]
  • Domain name sales
    There are people that use those to make millions of dollars (although how they do so is somewhat a mystery to me!). Basically, all you have to do is look for domain names that you anticipate will grow in popularity in the future. In a sense, it's like investing in digital slum real estate before hipsters renovate it. When you purchase a domain name before businesses are interested in it, you may sell it for more money.

  • Make Premium WordPress Templates
    Selling premium themes is a possibility to generate passive money if you have design and WordPress talent. Standard, free themes for WordPress don't always work well. Users can be seeking something more durable, and you satisfy that need.

  • Make a documentary or film and sell it
    You might try your hand at making your own film if you have a passion for making movies. You can sell it from your own website as a passive source of revenue, whether it's a single short video or a full series. Alternately, you can take payments for your premium content on websites like Patreon.

  • Workout or Diet Plans
    For fitness influencers on Instagram and YouTube, this is a well-liked choice. Others desire to achieve a beach body because they see people with attractive bodies in the gym. If you are a nutritionist or have a good body, think about developing a standard diet plan that you can offer to a large audience. Or, you may design specialized plans (which are a bit more hands-on but can earn you more money).

  • Exclusive Content
    You can provide content — at a cost — if you have a successful blog and want to make money off of your significant traffic or a following of devoted readers. It is entirely up to you whether you expand on a free post you have published or cover unique subjects. It's likely that some of your regular readers will be willing to pay more if your content is of high quality.

  • Coaching
    You can make money by teaching people remotely if you're skilled at anything, whether it's handicraft, parenting, nutrition, exercise, or something else entirely. Giving people individualized advice about a subject you are knowledgeable about is typically done using Skype, text messages, and other forms of communication.

  • Consultation
    Coaching and consulting are similar, but consulting is more focused on business. The only difference between consulting online and consulting in person is that you are not constrained by your geographic location. You may charge a lot of money to teach someone how to utilize Facebook better for their business, give them tax advice from halfway around the world, etc.

  • Application 

I completed my internship at Languages Point in Dhaka, where I started drawing the sales page for the English Learning platform as well as their site (visible at). It took a lot of work, but I managed to create a landing page that highlighted the advantages of their English learning platform and assisted in the development of four distinct packages with varying prices and levels of platform access, the premium package which included four Skype lessons with a teacher. Even the lessons could be completed online because everything was entirely digital. What sort of platforms or software do you sell?

  • Affiliate Products

Not yet ready to produce your own digital goods? Not to worry! You can still sell digital goods and keep (often a modest) portion of the proceeds. Amazon Associates is one of the most well-known programs, but there are a ton of other affiliate programs as well. You can sign up for a membership on respected affiliate marketplaces like Impact and Rakuten.

Where to Sell Your Digital Assets

Among the best and most often used platforms for selling digital goods are:

Udemy: You want to share something with the world. On, you can design and sell an e-course. Although there are several alternative course selling platforms, this one is frequently the most widely used.

Skillshare: Another excellent platform for selling online courses is Skillshare. On Skillshare, you make money by increasing the amount of time people spend on your eCourse and by selling premium memberships, in contrast to Udemy, which deducts a certain percentage of your earnings depending on how buyers find you (e.g., directly through your marketing efforts or from their website).

Flippa: Users of Flippa can purchase and sell a variety of enterprises, including blogs, e-commerce stores, and more. You may either build a website from scratch and offer it for people to buy, making a profit of course, or you can purchase an already established website.

Teespring: With Teespring, anything can be sold anywhere. Clothing, home decor, socks, phone covers, accessories, and mugs are a few of the most popular products. In essence, Teespring handles the production and shipping while you develop the design. Easy to do!

Cafepress: Teespring and Cafepress are quite comparable. You only need to produce the design and do a small amount of promotion; everything else is taken care of by Cafepress. You may design apparel for both men and women, home goods, accessories, and more.

Kindle from Amazon: With Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, you can easily produce books from scratch – all you have to do is supply the content. They feature an on-demand printing mechanism, so you can even sell actual printed books from their platform.

You can also sell stock photos and vector illustrations on sites like Shutterstock, iStock, adobe stock ,or other [Here are some sites That are popular and I work on these] similar stock sites.

also more! You can list your digital products for sale in a number of locations, including Etsy, Shopify, yellow images, and eBay.

Making Your Own Store

In addition to these techniques, I strongly advise establishing your own website to sell your digital products because it's essentially free and these third-party companies take a share of your profits. Just be sure to properly read the contract for each specific platform.

Avoiding exclusive agreements will certainly help you avoid being constrained in where you can sell if you're aiming to sell across many platforms (for example, if you enlist in the KDP Select program on Amazon, you cannot list your books on other platforms for the duration of the contract).

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