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Tubebuddy can really help you in growing as well as managing your youtube channel. Basically, Tubebuddy is a tool that adds a layer of features to your YouTube dashboard for free.

Tubebuddy features will help you to grow your channel

Tubebuddy Keyword explorer:

Tubebuddy provides its own keyword explorer from which you can find low competition keywords and also check your possibility to rank on that low competition.tubebuddy

Tubebuddy shows two types of scores in which are weighted and unweighted.

Weighted score:

 It means that base on your channel history and old videos which you had uploaded to your channel. What’s Your chance to rank for a keyword. This feature is only available for the paid users of Tubebuddy.

Unweighted score:

 It shows you a general score of a keyword in this score. It only checks already ranking videos on a particular topic and their views. On the basis of that, it will tell you your chances to rank for a particular keyword.

You can only check the unweighted score of 5 keywords. If you are using a free version of the Tubebuddy chrome extension. For getting unlimited searches you have to go with the paid plan of Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy Search Explorer:

It is a tube buddy feature that you can use whenever you do any search on YouTube. Tubebuddy will show you the competition of that keyword and also show a graph in which you can compete, Search Volume for that particular keyword.

It’s coming very handy when you are finding a topic to make a video. This feature of Tubebuddy can help you in making good decisions and selecting the right keyword for your videos.

Tubebuddy Navigation Links: 

You can use the Tubebuddy navigation link to quickly access different pages of Your YouTube channel and as well as YouTube studio to take a look at your analytics.

This tool is not going to help you in doing SEO of your video but it does a very important thing which is saving your time. So you can create more videos and spend less time managing your channel.

Tubebuddy SEO Studio: 

Tubebuddy recently introduces a new feature for paid users of Tubebuddy. which is going to be a game-changer in ranking videos on YouTube. This feature named SEO Studio.


Mainly this feature is to guide and helps you in properly optimizing your videos to get rank in YouTube search results. You can in the image above it is highlighting targeted to show me how youtube will see my Metadata.

It is also providing necessary tips to get a good SEO score in the SEO studio of tubebuddy. Sorry for free using these features of Tubebuddy is only reserved for paid users of Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy Video Topic Planner:

As a Youtuber, I always feed getting burnout and not having a single video idea on which I should make videos. So to solve the problem of burnout tube buddy introduces the Video planner feature.

Mainly whenever you will any good video topic ideas on which you want to make videos in the future just go to tubebuddy navigation links and click on video topic planner and Add your topic.

Later you can do a follow-up of all topics which you have saved in the tubebuddy video topic planner and start making videos on that topic without getting tense about which topic you should make your next video.

There is another as a free user you can only add a topic in the video topic planner. If you want to add unlimited topics. So you have to upgrade to a premium version of tubebuddy. If you are thinking to go with paid tubebuddy then you use this code to get 20% off CODE=TECHGENERATOR.

Tubebuddy Comment Filter:

Tubebuddy provides you an advanced filter to sort your comment to find good comments to reply as well as you can use tubebuddy to find spam comments on your videos and block a user who is spamming your videos comment section.

YouTube also provides its own comment filter but Tubebuddy is slightly better because it provides more filtering options.

Tubebuddy Videolytics: 

It is a very helpful feature from Tubebuddy which works as competitor analysis. Basically, this tools will show SEO score, Engagement, Best practices, and YouTube Tags of video which you are watching on YouTube as shown in the image below.

By using these tools you can check which keywords your competitors are using or How well your competitor optimized his or her videos for YouTube SEO.


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Tubebuddy Health Reports: 

This is just like YouTube analytics but it is provided in a manner that a child can understand that what is working for your channel what is not working.

I want to say that the health report shows how well your channel is doing in terms of views, subscribers, and engagements. On which keyword you are gaining top ranking on which keywords you are losing ranking.

This is how Tubebuddy can help you in ranking your Videos and gaining more views and ultimately growing your youtube channel.

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