Canva Affiliate Program: How to Make $500 or More in Easy Ways( Case Study)

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Do you think Canva is a fantastic design tool for non-designers? Are you confident in your ability to promote it? Do you have an audience that is interested in the design world? If you answer is yes, this blog post is for you because I'll show you how to make a lot of money using the Canva affiliate network.

You'll find a summary of the Canva referral program, as well as my affiliate case study, in this blog article. By the end of this article, you'll be able to start making money by recommending the Canva Pro membership.

I'll also show you how to market Canva effectively and earn $500 or more every month. Doesn't that seem both exciting and promising? Let's get this party started right away.

Melanie Perkins launched Canva in 2012, a fantastic design tool for non-designers. It has risen to significant heights of popularity in the design world since then. That is why it has more than 18 million users all over the world.
Canva Background remover/ Canva Affiliate Program tutorial

If you're a blogger, email marketer, or social media personality, you can dominate your affiliate program. You'll soon start making money from Canva because you have so many options to market it. In the next sections, I'll go over some of these alternatives.

Canva's referral program pays out varied sums to different affiliates. Some people make a few dollars, while others make hundreds. You can earn up to $36 as an affiliate for each Pro subscription sign-up.

Here's a secret: Canva's affiliate network has helped me earn roughly $106 in just one month. And with sponsored advertising, I'm on my way to scaling it up to $500. In the case study section of this blog post, I'll explain why. For the time being, allow me to go over the software with you.

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Canva's affiliate network allows marketers to earn money by promoting Canva Pro. It provides you with all of the necessary information and tools to help you thrive as an affiliate marketer. Cookie duration, commission rates, and email addresses are all mentioned in the program.

Canva's affiliate commission rate is incredible, at 15% for annual memberships and 80% for monthly subscriptions. Deep linking, advertising banners, and other promotional content are also available to you.

Let's discuss about Canva's referral program's drawbacks right now. The program's 30-day cookie period is significantly shorter than that of most other programs on the market today. Canva is picky about who they accept as affiliates, with only 43% of applicants being accepted.

Overall, Canva's affiliate program is a good bargain for digital marketers, particularly those in the design field.

To participate in the Canva referral program, you must first apply on Impact. It is only once the Canva team has approved your application that you can earn money with it.

The program's requirements are simple and clear:

You have a sizable following (on social media or any digital marketing platform)

You also want to promote Canva through your marketing platforms.

  • Go to Canva's affiliate page and click the ‘Join Now' button. You'll be transported to the program's Impact page. If you already have an Impact account, you may choose Canva from the list of brands.
  • Fill in as much information as you can about yourself and your target audience. Be open and honest, and supply as much information as is requested.
  • Be patient and wait for permission. To increase your chances of being accepted for the program, let Canva know how you plan to promote the Pro subscription.
  • Within 48-72 hours, you'll receive an email confirming whether or not you've been accepted as a Canva Pro affiliate. ‘Your platform is too new, too small, or doesn't have relevance to design,' said unsuccessful submissions.
  • If your application is approved for the program, begin marketing Canva affiliate links. To do so, go to ‘My brands' and select Canva from the drop-down menu. You have the option of using an HTML code or a tracking link. For Canva, the HTML code relates to ‘Ads/Banners.' Select a visually appealing banner or copy and paste your tracking URL into the appropriate area.

I propose that you learn the Pro features first if you want to increase your affiliate commissions. It would also be beneficial if you used the Pro version. In addition, I'll show you how to sell the Canva Pro subscription in seven different ways.

But first, in the case study below, I'll show you how I got money with the Canva referral program.

To make $500 or more per month, I planned to run advertising to promote Canva. However, there are other ways to market Canva Pro. Let's find out who they are right now.

Create Canva lessons and post your affiliate link on social media, including YouTube.

Write blog pieces that will benefit both designers and non-designers, and include your promotional link.

Place a banner in the header or sidebar of your website (just as I did)

In Facebook groups and Insta Reels, share your tips and tricks for getting the most out of Canva.

On TikTok, make short movies and share your Canva referral link.

Pinterest can be used to link Canva-promoted blog entries.

When sending emails, provide value to your recipients.

Also, take a look at this guide for tips on how to attract more traffic quickly. Let me now respond to some of the most often asked questions concerning Canva's affiliate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an affiliate program with Canva?

Canva's Pro edition has an affiliate program. Because everyone nowadays requires graphic material, you can start making money with the application. If you're a designer, blogger, or have a huge following, join up for Canva's referral program.

What Does it Take to Become a Canva Affiliate?

Click on ‘Join Now' at On the Impact network, you'll be led to Canva Pro's program. Create an Impact account, fill up your details, and begin earning money by sharing your trackable link with your audience.

How can I acquire affiliate links for Canva?

You'll need affiliate links once you've created your Impact account and joined the Canva Pro referral program. To do so, go to your Impact account's'my brands' section, pick ‘Canva,' and then select a tracking link. The Canva referral link can also be found on the right side of your Canva dashboard.

Is it possible for me to make money with Canva?

You may make money using Canva in a variety of ways, including through affiliate networks and graphic design for your clients. You can earn up to $36 every Pro sign-up with its affiliate program. A yearlong Pro subscription earns you a one-time commission.

What partner type should I choose for Canva?

Canva is curious about your abilities. That's why it asks what kind of companion you have. If you're a blogger, select ‘Content', ‘Social Media/Influencer' if you have a large social following, and ‘Email' if you have a large email list. If you're a small or medium firm, you can also choose ‘Service Provider/Tool' or ‘Consumer Software/Technology.'

The Canva Affiliate program includes everything you'll need to advertise the company's Pro membership. You'll turn your viewers into Pro subscribers by referring them to their landing page. And this is how you may profit from it. For your convenience, I'll summarize the procedure:

  • Visit Canva Affiliates and click the “Join Now” button.
  • Register for an Impact account.
  • Be truthful with your information.
  • After Canva has approved you, promote your links.

Yes, it is that simple. Canva, on the other hand, only accepts about 43% of those that apply. As a result, my advice is to start cultivating your audience first. If you have a design-focused audience, it will help.

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