How Convertkit Can Increase Your Profit! Convertkit review 2022

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Are you confused if ConvertKit is right for you? You've arrived at the right location.

Unlike all of the other ConvertKit reviews out there, which were published by people who had never used the email marketing platform and only produced a review to generate an affiliate income, we'll be going deep into ConvertKit after using it for over a year in this post.

Spoiler: We're still using it, as a matter of fact!

That said, if you want to find out what their largest constraint is, I recommend reading all the way to the end.

What is ConvertKit, exactly?

ConvertKit is a relatively new, strong email marketing service provider that makes getting started simple for anyone.

Nathan Barry first designed it out of irritation with the various tools he had at his disposal. Isn't that the best sort of entrepreneur success story? Because he was dissatisfied with the substandard competition, he invented what is (arguably) the world's best email marketing software and made it available to everyone.

Breakdown of ConvertKit's Pricing

If you're just getting started, one of the factors that may be causing you to reconsider using ConvertKit is the cost. Well, I'm here to assuage your fears. There's no getting around the reality that they're more expensive than other options, but you're getting a premium.

I don't know about you, but I (and any serious business) would rather pay a premium to ensure that their emails reach their subscribers' inboxes rather than ending up in spam, and to be able to set up elaborate, complex, and multi-step sequences employing powerful automation.

What to Expect From ConvertKit Support

One of the most noticeable advantages of utilizing ConvertKit, which has nothing to do with the product's power or performance, is their assistance.

It's worth noting that my opinion of their support is based on a comparison with that of their competitors (i.e. other companies in the same industry). Other businesses, such as website hosting, have a considerably higher support requirement than email service providers.

MailChimp, for example, does not provide much help – especially for free users, which is unfortunate.

When I first contacted them in January of this year, it was quite simple to acquire support by email, as shown in the screenshot below. Although live chat help is fantastic, it isn't always the best option for situations that require time to investigate when you aren't required to be there.

So, to cut a long tale short, if you ever have a problem with ConvertKit, you'll be happy to know that polite and helpful support is only an email away.

Features of ConvertKit vs. Others

While some may claim that ConvertKit offers similar (or even identical) features to other solutions such as MailChimp, there is one important distinction to bear in mind.

If automation, sequences, tagging, and appropriate list management are all feasible in MailChimp and 99 percent of their customers don't know how to use it – so much so that Paul Jarvis himself had to design a pricey, paid course to teach people how to use it – then something is plainly wrong.

This is where ConvertKit comes in; you don't need to spend another $499 and spend days studying the tool; it's simple to use and allows you to get amazing sequences/segmentation up and running quickly and, most importantly, without effort.

From a usability standpoint, if I had to choose between MailChimp and ConvertKit, and the cost and quantity of connectors they offer didn't matter, the decision would be simple. If it isn't obvious enough, it is ConvertKit every time.

But, as we'll see later, there is one area where ConvertKit lags, which is the only reason we haven't converted yet – so stay tuned to find out why and whether this is essential for you.

Broadcasts from ConvertKit

You obviously have the power to send out what are known as Broadcast emails in addition to ConvertKit's automation. These are emails that can be delivered to a subset of your list of subscribers who have been marked with specific tags.

Sending broadcasts to specific people who have demonstrated specific interests based on links they've linked in previous emails is extremely effective because it prevents you from sending emails to subscribers who may not be interested in a piece of content and are more likely to disapprove of an email than to take a positive action anyway.

For comparison, the similar of ConvertKit Broadcasts in MailChimp are referred to as Campaigns.

The editing experience in ConvertKit is as straightforward as it should be. They concentrate on plain-text emails, which, in my opinion, should become the industry norm. I despise emails that utilize a lot of design and change the color of the backdrop. Every email you send should feel like it's being sent to a friend, not like it's being sent to 1000s of people in the hopes that it reaches their inbox.

ConvertKit Sequences & Automation

Sequences are one of ConvertKit's most enticing features.

ConvertKit's automation is built on the foundation of sequences. They're just a sequence of related emails that need to be delivered in order, as you might have guessed from the name. However, when used in conjunction with ConvertKit Automations, they can be triggered in response to a variety of events. The finest part is that they may be used in conjunction with other sequences.

There can be up to 5 access points in each automation. Most people won't find this restrictive at all, but if you're currently using another program for really extensive automation, I strongly advise you to contact their support team and ask if they can assist you.

You'll be happy to know that if you have over 5,000 subscribers, you can get a free concierge migration, which I highly recommend if you have a complicated setup with your current provider — it will save you more time than you think.

If you're not sure how to employ automation, see a professional. Alternatively, if you've never used them before, you'll find this page on ConvertKit's website quite useful.

Even if you don't end up utilizing ConvertKit, there are some useful examples there that demonstrate how you can leverage email marketing automation functionality to your benefit.

ConvertKit: Pros & Cons to Consider

  • Best-in-class deliverability
  • Simple & Easy-to-use
  • Fantastic User Experience
  • Expensive in comparison to competitors
  • Lacks Integrations with eCommerce Platforms
  • Not great for managing multiple clients

The one place Convert-Kit really falls behind (in my perspective, at least) is when it comes to integrations. We use MailChimp here at DiptoDesign to power our website because ConvertKit doesn’t presently fully support WooCommerce in the way that MailChimp does.

However, if that wouldn’t be the case – I would practically shift over to Convert-Kit instantaneously.

What's the verdict on ConvertKit?

We've been using ConvertKit for a while and always suggest it to both individual producers and organizations looking for robust automation and sequences. This essay has been long overdue since many people have asked why I prefer it above other similar programs.

Overall, I think it's clear why Convert-Kit is so popular among marketers and producers.

It's built to make everything simple, as it should be – especially for people who don't want to waste time on technical details and would rather focus on more important tasks, such as creating content or operating a business.

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