Freelancing with zero experience in 2022


It's easier to start freelancing when you have job experience.

But if you have no experience at all, how can you earn money through freelancing? It's not easy to start freelancing with no experience but if you are determined and eager to grow, here's what you can do:

1: Determine what you want

The first step to freelancing with zero experience is to determine what you want to do. Understand what you are good at and concentrate on building your career based on your skillset.

Freelancing with zero experience
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2: Certifications

Next up, you want to take certifications. And by saying take certifications, I don't mean have a certificate just for the sake of having it. There are lots of online free certifications that will help you become a good specialist.

3. Internship opportunities

Look for internship opportunities. Even if it's a free internship and you don't get paid for it, a good internship will help you have a good network who might want to recommend you to their acquaintance who's looking for a new and affordable freelance workforce. An internship will also help you show prospects you have previous work experience.

4. Use your network

Do you have friends who do what you'd like to do? Ask them to help you. Or even if they're too busy to do so, they might refer to another person or a company who can help you, who will guide you on your new specialization. They might be able to give you some tasks that can help you build a good portfolio

5. Create a portfolio

This is very important. Every client wants to see your previous work examples. They want to understand if you're able to help them with what they need. And a portfolio is a good way to show how skilled you are and what you can do.

Freelancing with zero experience in 2021
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6. Look for low-paying jobs

And be realistic about your expectations. You can't make six figures at the beginning of your freelancing career. You have to work hard, work on relatively affordable rates until you have the expertise to earn a lot of money. Just be patient.

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