Best Ways to get an order on Fiverr or Upwork in 2022?

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There is a lot of rivalry in the current marketplaces because you will find the same service being supplied by thousands of people. Best Ways to get an order on Fiverr or Upwork in 2022? So to win the competition with so many individuals, you must work hard as well as adopt specific methods that will help you receive orders quickly.

Get an order on Fiverr or Upwork

Gig Title:

First you need to create a suitable title for your gig. Can't be made bigger.

However, your title should have your major keyword.

For example, if you have designed the logo, then Logo Design is your seed keyword or principal keyword. I hope you understand.

In the 1st example, you need to identify some low competitor tags based on your core keywords. Wondering how to find out? I am saying no tension

Gig search tags:

First, you move to buying mode by clicking on the switch to buying option, next search there for your main keyword (Logo design). Then you will see the effect that so many individuals are offering this service.

And if you notice a little, you can see that some tags are recommended above the red spot. You search each tag there and notice how many gigs there are under that tag. The lowest competitor tag under the tag is the low competitor tag. I hope you understand.


I will recommend you maintain the price a little lower in the 1st case and then increase the price when the order starts coming slowly.

Gig Description:

Gig description has an important impact in gig rating. If you can correctly SEO the description. You construct your gig description in such a way that your major keyword is 2-3 times. Again, do not write the keyword explicitly, write in such a way that it integrates with the text.

Gig image:

Try to give a wonderful gig image. Use colors that stick to the eyes. You may see videos on YouTube using gig images.

Share your gig on various social media. Because many have found work through sharing on social media.


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