Top 7 tips to get the first affiliate marketing sale

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I am excited that you are seeking beginners in affiliate marketing and in particular, how to sell your first affiliate and get the first affiliate marketing sale

As a newbie, it is what I consider to be the finest business model to start with when I establish an internet business focused on affiliate marketing.

Here's a glimpse of all 7 steps to get first affiliate marketing sale and marketing commission for your affiliate.

Step 1: Define Your Niche

The most crucial and perhaps hardest stage is to define your niche.

It's a big step since…

  • You must appreciate what you work on
  • Too competitive a niche would be incredibly difficult to follow
  • You should be willing to learn the subject continuously
  • It's a hard step since…
  • You have to investigate your competitors
  • It can be hard to find a blend of minimal competition and something you like
  • It's time to start with now that you have a clearer grasp of what is involved.

The first thing you want to do is think about what you enjoy and love. Unless you already have something in your heart and know what you want to do, you will have to decide what you want to do.

To achieve this, I propose that you mention at least five things. Perhaps they're interests, things you'd like to know about, or perhaps tie in the job you're working right now if you work full time.

Just remember, the better you know about a subject, the easier it is to develop and share material online.

Next, you need to lift research heavily.

In particular, you're going to do some research utilizing Google and just start typing in the list you prepared earlier on of what you're interested in.

What you ideally desire is a gap in the market. They're hard to find, but you think of methods to share knowledge about a subject you're interested in and then go out and see whether someone is doing it already.

The more particular, the better, because you will finally come up with a very specific notion. And if you have a certain idea, it suggests that there won't be too many competitors.

You may always broaden the subjects you cover, but the more specific you are, the better you have the opportunity to grow your online business faster.

Now that you have identified a specialty, it is time to select how to share your material with the world.

Step 2: Choose your platform for starting

The biggest error you can make when picking a platform to publish content is because it converts well or because it succeeds other people.

These are certainly nice characteristics, but you do not want to start developing content on a platform that contradicts your skills.

In other words, if you can't stand up on camera, don't start generating YouTube videos. Don't start a blog if you are awful and have zero interest in writing. And don't start a podcast if you don't like to hear other podcasts already.

You can always extend to other platforms later (hint… that's Step 7) but don't miss steps or try to do two things at a time.

Starting with ONE of the three platforms are recommended:

  • To a Blog
  • A channel on YouTube
  • Un Podcast

All three platforms share the same idea and drive traffic and people to your content using search engines.

Whenever someone types in a search question that is linked to your content, you obtain hyper-targeted traffic through the use of search engines as a vehicle to drive traffic.

This means higher conversion rates and more purchases down the line after you have a lot of content running.

Step 3: Essentials Setup

Now let's go and chat about it:

  • How to build a channel on YouTube
  • How to get a podcast started
  • How to get a blog started

Let's just dive in…

How to build a channel on YouTube

If you build a YouTube Channel, starting with YouTube and making a free channel is quite simple.

From here, you only need a channel art and profile pic so that people can subscribe to you comfortably.

How to launch a podcast

If you start a podcast, I would advise you to go to Buzzsprout to host your podcast.

From there, I recommend looking at this great post from Podcast Insights on how to start a podcast.

They have a really excellent guide to get things done.

How to Create a Blog

I really have a whole article on how to create a blog if you want to check, so here's a basic outline.

The steps to start a blog are as follows:

  • Choose A niche for your blog (so… you've done this already)
  • Come Up With a Name of Web Site (Domain Name)
  • To start building your website (I recommend Bluehost as it is affordable, quick, and gets your work done)
  • Build Your WordPress Website (I utilize the builder of the Elementor page to develop my site. Read my evaluation of Elementor here.)
  • Get a branded logo for your site (You could use Fiverr to make one.)

To start promoting and earning, choose an affiliate program

Select a product to promote and obtain an affiliate link

  • Creating Epic Content
  • Drive your content traffic
  • Build a Customer Tracking Email List
  • Learn how to make large affiliate marketing commission

Step 4: Create Epic Content Helpful And Fix A Problem

Now that the foundation has been created, it is time to develop content.

The objective of your material is to help and solve an issue.

When you concentrate on these two things, you start building an audience.

But you're not going to build an elderly fanbase… You'll instead create an audience that trusts you and wants to hear specifically what you have to say about certain topics and areas in your expertise.

Other things are useful for an audience to expand, such as keyword research. However, trial and error are not replaced.

It just takes a long time to build up an audience regardless of the niche you choose.

It will probably be years until you acquire a large audience of more than 100,000, but if you stay there, the return will be huge.

Step 5: Build an email list to promote your affiliate and content offers

One thing so many people ignore is to create an email list.

It's definitely not something you have to do and set up before any material is created.

However, roughly 30 blog entries, films, or recordings can look into it (this is obviously a varying number depending upon how well each piece of content does to attract visitors).

Your e-mail list is one of the few things you possess as an internet company.

It's a way to send emails to warm your audience individually. You can also set up autopilot automation to start sending people back to your content and affiliate offers.

Step 6: Test your site and sales funnels and optimize them.

This is where things are becoming interesting!

Once you start to attract a fair amount of traffic to the platform that you are marketing, it is only a matter of time that you begin to see some of the affiliate sales roll in and receive your first affiliate sales!

I can tell you that it took me 10 weeks to rank in Google for my first Blog article and collect my first $100 affiliate commission.

You're going to want to start optimizing your conversion content.

Whether you optimize it to make more people like e-mail subscribers or affiliate sales, it pays direct returns.

In essence, boosting conversions to sales will increase your revenues with the same quantity of traffic.

Step 7: Scale your marketing affiliate

Guess what?

You now have a proven approach that doesn't merely work for another person…

It really works for you!

The nicest thing is that it takes years to create material for search engines and will not need to be updated often.

It will generate passive money in various ways with minimal work to maintain.

Now you just need to develop more content, start outsourcing duties and expand to different platforms!

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