Graphic design Vs UX design which is best for your career on 2021

Graphic design Vs UX design Comparison

Firstly, You will need to understand the difference between graphic design and UI/UX design. 

What is Graphic design 

Graphic design is an art where the artist creates visual content to communicate messages through pictures, text, color n lots more different elements. (This design is mostly for product/service promotion, events, etc.)


Graphic design Vs UX design Comparison

What is UI/UX Design

UI designer ensures each page visually communicates the right path & UX refers to the user experience. (This design is mostly for websites, Phone apps, etc.)

Graphic design Vs UX design Comparison
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Someone said very nicely that; Graphic designers pick colors, choose images, design logos, and do other very visual tasks. This type of design is similar to what most people would consider “art”.

If graphic design is art, then User Interface Design is science. UI designers figure out how software and users interact with each other. UX comes with UI Design.

Now when I have successfully shown you the difference between both. You need to decide personally which is better for you after considering your skills, interest, and dedication to a particular design.

Some people will be the best in graphic design as per their more interest in art. They will earn good money if they do a master's in graphic design or any professional degree.

Few people will be best in UI/UX design (more into app designs, website designs). Conducting user research, Designing user flows and wireframes, Creating prototypes, and Testing products on real users.


UI/UX is a very demanding career nowadays. But at the same time if you have any professional degree and skills in graphic design. You can do pretty well in graphics design also. It all depends on how to present your art? why you do that art? is that only for money or you actually love doing that. Once you understand this you will be able to choose the better career option for yourself in between graphic design or UI/UX design.


Conclusion: There is nothing like good or bad but opportunities for UI/UX designers nowadays are more than graphic designers. So, If you want to choose a career or a degree that can give you good packages, opportunities then choose UI/UX.



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