Become a Graphic Designer Basic to Advanced Guidelines

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There are a few questions and a couple of lines before giving advice.

1. How much do you know about graphic design?

2. Why want to learn?

Someone on the side is becoming a millionaire / can earn money so want to learn? Or do you want to learn to like the design?

3. Do you have patience? Nah I'm not talking about the patience to finish a book. You must understand the patience of fine work, I am talking about that.

4. Do you have a habit of dealing online?

5. Do you have a habit of reading on your own by watching blogs on YouTube?

How do you want to learn? Do the course or by yourself?

If all the answers are positive, you have a basic idea about graphic design (no problem if you don't have it), you want to learn from liking and learn on your own, then keep reading or you don't need to read anymore.

This time let's come to the original writing and my personal advice.

1. First you need to learn what graphic design is, how many types, graphic design can be done with any software. (Find out the answer on Google and YouTube.)

There is usually a lot of software to learn graphic design. But most of all it takes Photoshop Illustrator Adobe XD InDesign Premiere Pro, After Effects. Even if you learn the first two. But if you want to learn motion graphics, you need the last two.

2. You need to know how to install. Even if you don't know, there is no problem. You can install it by looking at YouTube.

3. The most important thing that many people neglect/skip / skip the training centers is graphic design theory, element.

What is graphic design theory, what is element, typography, color theory?

1. By reading about the previous steps you got a good idea about design. If you see a design, you have learned to understand which design is good and which design is bad.

2. When you see the design, you learn to understand it, but you have to learn the design yourself, right?

The software that I talked about has to be designed with them. This time it's your turn to learn tools. Learn Photoshop or Illustrator first. You have to learn from anyone first. But first, find out what it is used for. It is very simple to know. Just do a Google search. However, let me say that the work of raster image, the work of digital media which is not printed, is usually done in Photoshop. And as much work with vectors, print work, Illustrator is used for maximum time. But one thing works a lot with another.

Do you Google raster image and vector design?

Talk about how to learn tools. Most of the training centers in our country are in a hurry. They teach project-based tools. Many tools and functions do not work in a project in such a way that it is often unknown. So the advice will be to understand the interface of the software first and then learn the work of each tool with patience.

Where to learn? You can do it in your mother tongue from YouTube.

Search by typing Graphic  Designing on YouTube. Learn from the beginning to the end of Photoshop there.

There is also Learn with Shohag. You can learn from anyone. And if you can learn Hindi, you will have to learn from Gfx mentor. This was the best I had.

Hold on to Illustrator after learning Photoshop.

Where to learn? 

I will suggest these 3 channels. If you can do Hindi, gfx mentor is best in this case too.

While learning Illustrator Photoshop, you must learn all the techniques of pressing and shortcuts on your own.

 Welcome! You are crossing the basic stage. You know design theory, elements, you also know how to design with tools. This time practice the design yourself by combining these two.

Lots of copies to improve the design. Then you can understand the practical application of your acquired theory education and tools education. The next steps are to create a portfolio, look at the designs of great designers, learn new techniques.

Watch Skillshare English video course, read various blogs, learn various techniques from YouTube to take your knowledge to an advanced level. But after learning design, master what you like to do. The next final step will require a mentor. Select the one that will show the better way.

Notice I'm talking about mentors and that's after you learn. I am not talking about any training/course. You will not find any such course in Bangladesh where you will get A to Z. But if you can learn by yourself according to this section with patience over time, then you can learn more than any training center alone.

Thanks and best wishes to you.

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