How can you get unique clients of graphic design in 2021

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Apart from Freelance Marketplaces, there are other ways to find Graphic Design Clients. I'm going to list them for you:

How to find unique clients of graphic design:

Branding Yourself

This is what will distinguish you from the competition. Personal Branding is all about differentiating yourself as an industry professional in front of “People,” not just “Audience.”
How is that completed?
By speaking authoritatively about your subject. I'm referring to “Content” that people are inspired by, agree with, or simply follow for knowledge or fun. Your Personal Website, Linkedin, Twitter, and Quora are the perfect channels for this. You can also conquer other mediums, but it will depend on how much focus you have.

clients of graphic design
clients of graphic design

How do you know if you've developed a Personal Branding strategy?

That is an excellent question. If you have a growing social media following and a high volume of website visits, you are on the right track! This does not guarantee that you will immediately begin receiving clients; things take time 😀 However, once people begin contacting you, you're going to become extremely busy. It's a trial and error process, but it's well worth the effort.

Wait a minute! Do you require an Instant Method of Obtaining Clients? Consider these two.

Marketing via email

You are already aware of this. However, why are you doing this? Simply obtain access to an Email Database of companies such as startups and small businesses by purchasing it from a freelancer or conducting your own research and locating emails on the internet (Psst! Check out websites such as Clutch, Good firms, and G2). Additionally, you can locate websites from freelancing sites and obtain the email address from there. Anything that enables you to obtain the Email 😀

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Following that, send 50 emails per day pitching your services and informing them of your mission. Do this for a month and you're certain to receive responses from a few clients. Following that, demonstrate to them what you've obtained and retain them.

Social networking sites

Social media platforms are brimming with startup profiles and pages. Each day, hundreds of them are created. Simply locate them and send them a DM. The message should be succinct (Not a Long-winded Email Pitch) and include an open-ended question to pique their interest. Additionally, similar to email marketing, the more people you reach, the greater your chances of receiving a response and gaining clients are.

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