How to Make and Monetize YouTube Shorts 2021

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YouTube Shorts is the video platform's response to TikTok. It was inevitable, and now the race is on to see who will win the fight of vertical short-form video.

We're going to take an in-depth look at YouTube Shorts in this article. From what YouTube Shorts are to how to view and make your own.
Furthermore, we examine how to monetize YouTube Shorts in these platform's early days.

Short form vertical video has become king in recent years. No surprise when you look at the worldwide pandemic that drove all of you into it and so everyone spent a lot of time on their phones, in combination with TikTok's weather growth and popularity. TikTok videos are omnipresent nowadays – you can't escape them.

Naturally, other large technology giants such as Facebook and Google took notice. Thus, while Facebook introduced IG Reels (similar to TikTok but on Instagram), Google launched YouTube Shorts (TikTok, but on YouTube). Simply put, TikTok was becoming an unwelcome YouTube competitor.

Is this a case of YouTube vs. TikTok? Almost. While the situation is rather perplexing at the moment, there is a lot of promise with YouTube Shorts, and we don't want you, content creators, to miss out. We're here to deconstruct YouTube Shorts, explaining all you need to know about the format and how you can get started creating and monetizing on the network.

What is YouTube Shorts?

So, what exactly is YouTube Shorts? The simple (pun intended) explanation is that it's a YouTube version of TikTok. It's essentially the same concept as the last one: an infinitely scrolling stream of short videos ranging in duration from 30 to 60 seconds. You watch, you like, and then you scroll down to the next. The same innovative concepts and trends seen on TikTok are all present here.

Actually, considering the platform's youth, you'll find a slew of TikTok videos that have been re-uploaded to YouTube Shorts.

How do you watch YouTube Shorts?

So, how are these YouTube short videos viewed? To be sure, there is no standalone Youtube Shorts app like TikTok. YouTube Shorts was built directly into YouTube by Google.

To use the mobile app, simply launch it and look for the “Shorts” button at the bottom of the screen in the menu navigation tile. It's front and center and has taken the place of the “explore” button, which tells you everything you need to know about how desperately they want this section of the platform to succeed. Simply hit that button and you're instantly navigating through those YouTube short videos.

However, you may discover YouTube Shorts appearing everywhere in the mobile app, including on your homepage as a “Shorts shelf” widget and possibly even beneath a YouTube video you're presently viewing. They are always experimenting with the best ways and locations to showcase this new aspect of the platform.

Things to know about creating a YouTube Short video

There are only two simple steps involved in generating a YouTube Short video. By the way, this is one of the reasons for TikTok's popularity. It's incredibly simple and accessible to create something.

With YouTube shorts, your video must meet the following requirements:

  • Vertical, mobile-first format
  • Have a max runtime of 60 seconds

The remainder is all up to you. Take a look at the feed to discover what's popular and effective for others. This may go in a million ways!

How to upload a YouTube Short

As with uploading a normal YouTube video, the technique of uploading a YouTube Short is surprisingly simple. Anyone is able of doing so.

  • Tap the”+” icon at the bottom of the screen on the mobile app's homepage.
  • Select “Create a Short” from the menu.
  • You'll be directed to the YouTube Shorts camera, where you may create your own 15-second video (with the ability to add effects and tracks just like TikTok music). You can also upload a video from your camera roll (which is probably the preferred option as this video can be up to 60 seconds in length).
  • Once you're satisfied with the result and have done all the necessary edits and adjustments (by cycling through the ‘next' selections), you'll reach the upload screen.
  • All you have to do is give your video a title or caption and click Upload. Easy!

How can you monetize YouTube Shorts?

This was always going to be a critical question in the YouTube vs. TikTok clash. Why should producers gravitate toward YouTube rather than TikTok? Of course, users have been able to monetize YouTube videos for well over a decade. However, YouTube Shorts is not the same as YouTube. There is currently no direct way to monetize YouTube Shorts.

Of course, that is subject to revision. YouTube Shorts is currently ad-free. I encourage you to take advantage of this weird novelty while it lasts, as Google is certainly considering integrating advertisements into the YouTube Shorts experience. Ad money will undoubtedly be a source of revenue for short films in the future, just as it has been for the main YouTube platform for many years.

The best way to approach YouTube Shorts from a monetization standpoint right now is to recognize that if you can crack the algorithms and create short-form content that people want to watch, you can significantly increase your channel's numbers – particularly in the views and subscribers departments. By using YouTube Shorts to develop your subscriber base, you can then direct those people to your lengthier, monetizable YouTube videos. It's an excellent growth hack that's now being used.

And hold on a moment – there's one more item…

To calm any final doubts about YouTube's commitment to the Shorts market, they've established the YouTube Shorts fund. This is a significant boost for anyone interested in earning money by creating YouTube Shorts.

YouTube will provide $100 million to creators creating unique content for YouTube Shorts between 2021 and 2022. Unfortunately, there is a catch. As of now, you must be invited to join the fund by YouTube, and it is only available to creators in select countries, including the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and India. Hopefully, we'll see that expanded in the near future! As YouTube concedes, this $100 million fund is only the ‘first step' in monetizing YouTube Shorts.

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