How Video Content Can Helps You Boost Your SEO Ranking In 2022

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Video Content is surely the “next big thing” in content marketing and has now become a new standard. This highly engaging content is a staple of the digital strategy of knowledgeable marketers.

Today, more than 87% of marketers prioritize the video in their overall marketing strategy. It is a powerful tool for classifying complex topics and significantly improves rankings, and attracts more people to the site. 

What is the Connection between Video Marketing and SEO?

Video is a smart content marketing strategy and netizens love it. The reason is very simple: the attention duration of Internet users is decreasing. In this digital world, it makes sense to be able to be entertained and to find information quickly at the same time.

Video marketing is at the top of Google's search results. It is a great tool for enhancing search engine optimization, according to research. Video content curated using an expert video maker helps you rank high on search engine search results pages (SERPs).

Providing video content resonates with Internet users, engages them through one-to-one connections using voice, sound, personality, and the message. Many search engines seem to favour and value video content more than ever. This is why video content is a very attractive type of content and can significantly impact your overall SEO strategy.

How to create powerful videos to boost your SEO efforts

You must curate a specific type of video content to improve your ranking in SERP. To well – optimize your video, you must:

  1. Include keyword-enriched descriptions and titles in your video content – Despite its ability to inform your viewers, the title and description of your video can be used as metadata for search engines about what the video is all about. If you put a specific keyword in the first 50 characters or more, it will be easier to see it in the video SERP.
  2. Videos should be mobile friendly – Many consumers watch videos without audio and many watch videos on their mobile devices. Therefore, creating mobile-friendly videos is substantial and a great way to ensure that your message is delivered effectively.
  3. Be sure to add a call-to-action (CTA) – Clear, visible CTAs lead to higher quality traffic and higher conversion rates.
  4. Add Hashtags and Thumbnails – Video thumbnails and hashtags give viewers a small taste of the entire video. The more attractive it is, the more the number of viewers who will watch the video. This way, you get more clicks on your video.

How Videos Can Augment Your SEO Efforts

Getting a high SEO ranking means creating quality video content that naturally attracts quality links over time. Video is a powerful way to create a great link-building exercise. Here are some ways video content can enhance your SEO efforts:

Google likes your marketing videos

As compared to other forms of content, video content is more likely to appear in search results. Google and other search engines are increasingly focusing on the unique, valuable, and relevant content of search results. 62% of the most common searches on Google are videos. If you search Google for almost all topics, you will see the video on the first page.

Integrating video content curated using an expert video maker into your content strategy allows you to get better top search results. Sites with video content are 53 times more likely to appear on the top page of Google search results than sites without video content. 

Video is a traffic generator

Google considers inbound traffic and if your domain has many regular visitors, they may find your content interesting. Many businesses and companies have invested greatly in video content and propagated their video websites to invite more to visit their website. The more video content you create, the higher the quality of traffic that can be directed to your page, and the better your overall SEO in the long run.

Video increases the length of time visitors stay on your website

Not only is the video useful for getting the attention of your visitors, but more often the video keeps your visitors watching to the end. 93.3 per cent of SEO experts noticed increased visitor time after posting video content on their website.

Visitors spend longer on landing pages, and they connect better, generating a higher engagement rate on the entire site. A great engagement rate offers a lot of value to your content. If many internet users stay on your site for a long time, Google will provide a ranking boost. 

Video can increase the value of your SEO

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Videos have a huge impact. After watching something like a product video, shoppers are twice as likely to buy it if they aren't involved in the content. So, videos help improve your SEO by drawing more eyes to your site and also transform and build your lead conversions. This means that video significantly improves and leverages SEO and ROI at almost every stage of the process.

Using transcripts in videos 

This can enhance your SEO rank with SERPs as Google's index with videos is better ranked than plain text content. The written text alone is on top when it comes to video content. Therefore, you need to make sure that the viewer of your video has access to the subtitles and captions for the audio track.

Creating a page using video support text is important to tell Google what the content is all about. Transcripts, hashtags, descriptions, and captions increase keyword diversity and it helps Google to index it even if the search results page (SERPS) are slow.

The main reason for adding transcripts, captions, and subtitles to your video is to eliminate the language barrier and help people understand the video content even if the sound is off. This means that people who do not speak fluently can learn without understanding the language.

It is a proven strategy for improving SEO and increasing website traffic, views, engagement, and search rank. This also helps with accessibility, which is a factor Google considers when determining a website's rank in SERP.

Social media sharing can increase click-through rate (CTR)

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Video content is considered one of the biggest sources of major social media engagement in digital marketing. Whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or any other video channel, you can upload your marketing video content on social networks to increase your CTR.

One of the many reasons why video is more attractive than other types of content is that it can evoke emotional reactions among viewers, attract them, and motivate them to act. Emotional reactions can also improve CTR. It is no wonder that video ads have the highest CTR of 1.84% for all digital ad formats. 

Inserting a video on your landing page will increase your conversion rate by over 80%, making it a great marketing tool. 


Videos welcome your visitors to subscribe to your channel or buy your product or service. They can increase your chances of buying by telling people why you click through and get them interested in what you have to offer. As one of the most effective SEO services, it is also a powerful way to convey messages of all kinds through situations, stories, and scenarios. With just one click, you can explain ideas and stories, drawing in more customers than by any other method.

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