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LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Launched on May 5, 2003, the platform is mainly used for professional networking and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs.

If you are a graphic designer then you must make a strong profile on LinkedIn with your skills. Here is the

Linkedin Skill Assessments Quiz Answers- Adobe Acrobat

Q1. In previous versions of Acrobat, you could mark a comment with a check mark, without having to use a drop-down menu. How can you restore this efficient functionality when using a newer version of Acrobat?

  •  Preferences > identity
  •  Preferences > Reviewing
  •  Preferences > Reading
  •  Preferences > Commenting

Q2. A PDF containing complex engineering drawings is failing to print completely. The printing device is an older model with a small amount of RAM. What setting might enable you to print the complex file without error?

  •  Print as image
  •  Auto-orientation
  •  Print in grayscale
  •  Custom scale

Q3. Your client asks you to export their PDF brochure to multiple formats for various uses. However, you discover that you cannot meet one of their requests. Which is a format to which you CANNOT export?

  •  JPEG
  •  TIFF
  •  EPS
  •  SVG

Q4. After you finish creating form fields for a complicated form, the client submits a new PDF, with color changes, a new logo, and minor text edits. What is the most efficient way to incorporate the new artwork?

  •  Prepare Form
  •  Compare Files
  •  Edit PDF
  •  Organize Pages > Replace

Q5. You need to send a 25 MB legal document to a client. However, their corporate email allows attachments of only 5 MB or fewer. You select File > Save As > Reduced Size PDF. This doesn’t reduce the file size enough, because the file has many photographs. Now you need to subdivide the document into smaller individual files. Where can you go to accomplish this?

  •  Tools > Organize Pages > Split Document
  •  Tools > Index
  •  Tools > Edit PDF > Crop Pages
  •  Tools > Optimize PDF

Q6. You would like to use Bookmarks to navigate a PDF, but the Bookmarks panel is not available. Why would that panel be unavailable?

  •  The PDF does not contain any articles.
  •  You are viewing the PDF in a web browser.
  •  The file creator did not give the article a title.
  •  You are viewing the PDF in Adobe Reader.

Q7. As you examine large engineering documents, you would like to have the Marquee Zoom tool easily available all the time. What is the fastest way to add the Marquee Zoom tool to Common Tools?

  •  Right-click in the toolbar and select Show Page Navigation Tools.
  •  Right-click in the toolbar and select Show Page Display Tools.
  •  Right-click in the toolbar and select Show Select & Zoom.
  •  Right-click in the toolbar and select Customize Quick Tools.

Q8. A person at a printing service provider is having difficulty printing a PDF due to font issues. Where can the person find out which fonts are used in the document?

  •  Tools > Action Wizard
  •  Tools > Print Production
  •  File > Export To > Microsoft Word
  •  File > Properties

Q9. To work more efficiently, you would like to create a shortcut in the tools pane, to the right of the document window, that includes multiple operations, such as Edit PDF, Organize Pages, and Export PDF. Which feature will let you accomplish this?

  •  Action Wizard
  •  Optimize PDF
  •  Create Custom Tool
  •  Customize Quick Tools

Q10. You are printing a PDF of an instruction manual. On some pages the only content is a video, but you would like a visual representation of the video area in the printed version. Which option in the Print dialog box will ensure that the video areas will print?

  •  More Options
  •  Document and Markups
  •  Advanced > Output
  •  Document and Stamps

Q11. In an effort to clean up a PDF form, you wish to align the top edges of a row of five fields. You used the Select tool (black arrow) to drag around the fields to select them all. You want to align all the fields to the top edge of the fifth field. How can you do that?

  •  Alt-click (Windows) or Option-Click (Mac) in the fifth field to make it the origin field.
  •  Click once more in the fifth field to make it the origin field.
  •  Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac) in the fifth field to make it the origin field.
  •  Shift-click in the fifth field to make it the origin field.

Q12. You prefer seeing documents in the single document view, rather than in the tabbed document view. To accomplish this, you went to Edit > Preferences > General, and then cleared the check box for the tabbed preference. However, PDFs are still opening as tabs. How can you resolve this issue?

  •  Reboot your computer.
  •  Switch from Tools view to Home view.
  •  Close any open files, then reopen the files.
  •  Restart Acrobat.

Q13. Using Adobe Sign, you would like to send a document for two colleagues to approve. However, when you attempt to add the document to the files to be sent for signature, that file type is grayed out. What file type is not eligible for Adobe Sign?

  •  GIF
  •  JPEG
  •  BMP
  •  PSD

Q14. To ensure that users of older versions of Adobe Reader can fill and save forms, you chose File > Save As Other > Reader Extended PDF. Now you need to make further edits to the form. You have not applied any form security to the file, but you see an alert, “You cannot edit this file as a form due to its security settings.” What method can you use to edit the form?

  •  File > Properties > Custom
  •  File > Save a Copy
  •  Preferences > Forms
  •  File > Properties > Advanced

Q15. Users submitted forms to you via email. Some files are .fdf (forms data format), and some files are .pdf documents. Which method will let you combine all the data into a .csv file?

  •  Prepare Form > Fields
  •  Prepare Form > Document Actions
  •  Prepare Form > Document JavaScripts
  •  Prepare Form > More


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