Make Money To Write Articles: 10 Great Sites That Pay Up To $500

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Are you interested in getting paid to write? How could you get started? You can find hundreds of websites that allow people to write articles or content on the internet. Make Money To Write Articles 10 Great Sites That Pay Up To $500

Some pay as much as $500 per article! Most of these sites offer small amounts (like $10-$20 per article), but some pay as much as $500 per article! You can build your portfolio and earn extra money in your spare time by doing this. There are ten websites that pay you to write for them, as well as tips on how to get high-paying writing gigs online!

Make Money To Write Articles Sites That Pay Up To $500

1) Listicle Pro-Listicles are one of our favorite types of content. They are easy to create (provided you have a reliable list of sources), they can be syndicated on social media, and their structure grabs the attention of people. Each item in your listicle should be easily digestible by breaking it down into steps.

This is true, whether you're sharing 6 strategies for cold emailing or listing 8 ways for sales reps to become cold call experts. Try to keep your headlines short, but effective; a clever play on words will help pique readers' interest!

2) Snipsly– The Snipsly website offers a wide range of topics, from car maintenance to interior design. For each story, you can choose which topic you want to write about and how much to write. The coolest part about Snipsly is that you're paid via PayPal after you post your story, so there's no risk in joining.

According to the length of the story and the amount of research involved, you are paid between $1 and $30 per story. They know what they are doing because Snipsly was created by freelance writers and editors who also wanted to make money online. In my opinion, Snipsly is a helpful tool for new freelancers since it provides a simple way for them to earn money while building a portfolio.

3) Viki– Viki is a great site that pays up to $500 per month for people willing to translate. In comparison to other platforms, this is a large sum of money. The Viki website is a great way to earn some extra money if you're bilingual! Click here for more information. For registration, you must have a Yahoo email address.

4) One Hour Translation– One Hour Translation is a website that allows you to get articles and other written content translated into 100+ languages. Pay is average, but they typically translate documents faster than most other translation websites, making it an effective way of making money from articles.

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They also offer bonuses for jobs completed within set time limits, so if you’re willing to work quickly and efficiently with high-quality translations, then you can make some serious money here. Just remember to check back regularly for updated listings! One Hour Translation describes itself as a platform that links people with translators who speak their language with people who need documents translated.

5) Steamlabs– This site seeks writers who are interested in creating content, such as guides, reviews, etc. Contributions to Steamlabs are acknowledged with in-game items and money. As you get to know your audience, you can also earn money from sponsorships and custom content orders.

To be eligible to earn money from Steam, you must own at least one game. According to the length and quality of the post, rewards range from $5 to $100.

6) Prancer– If you are looking for legit sites that pay, this is an awesome place to start. Neither writers nor publishers need to register. Writing high-quality articles that get published on their platform earns you money as a writer. In addition, they offer contests where writers compete for prizes. I made about $1000 from writing for them and got lots of exposure along with it too! Sign up here. However, you should have some published work with your application if you don't already have any. When they like what they see, they'll ask you to apply as a publisher too!

7) Teachers Notebook– Teachers can upload files, share class materials, and make announcements via Teachers Notebook. When you complete any activity on Teachers Notebook (create an account, add a link, reply to a thread), you’ll receive tokens that you can redeem for cash at PayPal.

Typically, tokens range between 1 and 15 cents in value. With moderate activity, many people earn more than 50 tokens in a month despite taking time to earn them. Furthermore, Teachers Notebook gives you a token for every friend that signs up through your referral link and earns two or more tokens.

8) Tutor Doctor– Tutor Doctor is a new service that matches tutors with people who need help with their schoolwork. Tutors can sign up and create profiles for free, but Tutor Doctor takes 20% of any income they make. Students wishing to be tutored create an account on their website, then enter their subjects and price range. Tutor Doctor will show search results based on their subjects.

An online course that teaches tutors how to tutor effectively costs $29 for tutors. Students can review each tutor's course completion certificate when they review their potential tutor’s profile. In addition to America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, the company has already matched hundreds of thousands of students and teachers.

9) Easy Writing Jobs– While sites like these were once only available to experts, now pretty much anyone can publish articles and get paid for it. All you need is a bit of writing experience, an eye for interesting content, and know-how on how to optimize your page.

These platforms give you full control over how much you earn with absolutely no strings attached — and since they’re easy enough to use without any outside help, anyone can make money by publishing articles on them. No matter what kind of writing skills you have or interests you prefer to pursue, there’s always a way to write online and get paid for it!

10) Swagbucks– Take surveys, watch videos, shop online, and earn points at Swagbucks. Your points can be redeemed for gift cards (up to 2,500 per day) at various retailers. Upon signing up and completing your profile, you'll receive 200 points as a bonus.

Swagbucks takes about five minutes to sign up for and there are no obligations or fees. You won't be asked for a credit card when you join or take surveys – unless you join one of its partner programs (which is completely optional). Plus, you’ll earn money just by using their search engine. What could be better than that?

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