How to Make money with telegram in 2022

Way to make money from telegram channel


Open the channel with a crazy name in the telegram after open the app. Post regularly on a daily basis At least 1, maximum 4-5/6. Post unique day 7. Remember it is but a broadcasting platform 7.So only you can share Others will not be able to pay By doing this or by marketing in different places including social media, you can make the telegram channel viral. You can earn income after earning subscribers.

Note that Telegram will not give you a monetization option So the app does not have its own income So how do you do it? I'm not worried

When you have a lot of subscribers to your channel and you think at least 200-300 active users. Then you can earn traffic by sharing article links from your personal website. Or you can use them to set up your own platform on Facebook and YouTube and earn income from there. Moreover, you can sell your own online products So much for his own promotion

Now if you can bring sponsors from any organization, then you can make income by promoting them

Or you can earn income by affiliating various things online

In addition, many other advertising companies, including AdStera, offer monetization links directly to monetize social media platforms. Which are paid at a click-through rate Adastra is but a well-known advertising platform!

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