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Hello and welcome back. Dipto Das here. Once again, in this article, I'm going to show you how to build a targeted lead list from LinkedIn and how to get the email addresses of any Linkedin profile by using the salesql lead generation tool.

Find LinkedIn Email Leads With Salesql

As you can see, I am signed in with my LinkedIn profile, and if I take you here on this spreadsheet, you can see I am looking for graphic designers from California, and I need their names LinkedIn profiles, and email addresses.

So let me show how easily I will build this prospect list, so let me take you here on LinkedIn. After that, I'm going to search for, let's say, graphic designer, and I'm going to click on this in people. It will take us to this LinkedIn search result page, from where I will click on this all-filter button. After that, I'm going to get more filtering options.

So now I will select the first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree, or let's ignore the first-degree. After that, I will choose the location here to type it out. Let's say California united states, and after that, we will go a little down, and we're going to find this industry section.

So I'm going to select this one graphic design and design industry, and then the profile language will be English, and then service categories. I'm going to choose this one graphic design only or design, so these are the search filterings that I would love to go.

Now, suppose I click on show results. In that case, you will see that we are going to get all of these results appearing here, so now I'm going to open up these first two results in new tabs. I'm going to start collecting their email addresses, but before that, what we have to do we have to install our cell Salesql lead generation tool.

So I'm going to attach the link of this tool to the affiliate programs page description, the first link of this affiliate programs page so that you can easily access this website right. So after visiting this website, you have to click here on learn.

After that, click on this install extension button right here, and it is going to take you here to this page, so if you are using Firefox or Microsoft Edge, you can install this extension directly from their app store. Still, as I am using google chrome, I have to install this plugin manually and to do this, I have to click here, and then it will take us to this page.

So one information that you need to know is if you have used cell SQL before and if you have got their extension installed on your google chrome browser, you have to remove it so that you will be able to start using the new version.

All right, so now let's go a little bit down. You're going to download the extension. The first step you have to do is click on this download now button right here, and it will start downloading this tool. After that, we have to unpack the file to download the device.

So let me take you to the showing folder, and after that, we have to click here. Then I'm going to extract the file to click on extract all, and then let's click on extract. We will see that one new folder has been appearing here now. If I take you back here, what you have to do we have to go to the extension manager from our chrome browser to follow this process.

Click on here as you can see the extensions button here or option-click on it, and then you have to click on this manage extensions, and after that, let's go back here. You have to activate your developer mode so. Let me take you back to the extensions page. After that, we have to click on this developer mode enabled now. Just take a look. We see some of these options appeared.

So we have to work on this, so let me take you back here on this page and let me show you load the unpacked folder. We are done, so take a look now. I will take you back here on the extensions page after that. I will click on this load unpacked and then take a look at this one we just unpacked after downloading this uh folder. Now we are going to click on the select folder.

It is going to take a look. Thanks for installing salesql, and if you notice hi there, click on the icon to get started so now what you have to do we have to click here on this uh extensions tab, and then we are going to see that we have got the cell SQL browser extension added to our chrome browser.

Now we will click on this pin button to be easily accessible. Now we have to go to the next step, and we are going to follow the steps from here, so let's click on this extension icon. After that, it will show us that we have to sign in using our social accounts.

Either we can use our google Gmail account, or we can use our LinkedIn account. So I would love to go with my LinkedIn account for this purpose, so I'm going to click on LinkedIn. After that, I have to provide my password here, and then I will click on login.

After that, we have to click on this allow button right here, so let me click on enable. I'm going to cross this out, okay, and take a look. It is being loaded. I'm going to cross this out as well, and here we go. We are signed in.

As you can see here, I know this option goes to my account. If I click on it, you will see we have got the interface appearing here, and if you notice here, we will know that we have reached 100 free contacts to use.

But if you want, if you find this tool helpful and working for you, you have a few other options like they have got subscriptions as well, which you can take from their website, so now what I'd love to do I'd love to reload this page.

After that, I will click on this icon to take a look. After clicking on it, I'm going to select this one, and then or let's uncheck, I'm going to click on this plus icon. It will search for the emails for this profile. Take a look. We have found a few emails. One is personal, and two emails of professional or work emails.

I'm going to copy all of these emails as of now, so let me click on this copy icon, and after that, I'm going to take you back to this file and let's go back. We will click again here, and we are going to collect the work email from here copy, and let's copy this email as well, so our client needs multiple emails.

We have got these emails to provide our clients suitably, so this is an excellent tool as you have just seen like we can find multiple emails of a person. The emails are associated with this LinkedIn profile, so it's time to collect more information like this person's name.

Then let's manage the LinkedIn profile URL from here. Please take a look. We are done with the first profile now. Let me show you how we can get the exact details for this profile. I have to click on this icon again, and it is going to load the profile. Okay, so it's loading the previous profile we didn't reload this page, so we have to fill it out after that.

Please look at it, showing us some results appearing like one. Now, if I click on it, it is going to show us let's click on this plus icon, and we are going to see that we have got this personal um email address and the business email address as well and along with these things we see some other phone numbers.

Also appearing here along with some more information exact location like Sacramento, California united states right and a lot of information appearing here, so let me go with collecting the personal email address. Let me take you back here. I'm going to paste the email, and after that, we will go back here. Let's click on it and after that, let's collect the
business email as well.

One thing if the email address is not being if the tool cannot verify the email address. It will show you a mark like this, but if the email is confirmed, they will show you this sign, so this email is not 100 accurate. This email might not be 100 precise emails. Still, they have shown this is the most potential email for this person.

Now let me click here again, and we can collect them. Uh, this lady's phone numbers by simply clicking on them. If we want, we can put these phone numbers here, okay, so it's hidden no problem, so we might have to upgrade our account to get the phone numbers.

No worries, our goal was to collect only the email addresses, so now we can manage the LinkedIn profile. We have to order this person's name. I would love to show you the information collection for one more contact so let's say this guy.

I mean something, so we are going to open the profile. If you notice here, we see one appearing, which means it's collected this guy's email address directly. Let's click on it. We will find this name appears to click on this plus sign.

It is going to search the email address and populate the information. Just take a look at the personal email that is occurring here, and if your client needs the Twitter profile as well, you can get the Twitter profile and other profile details.

And if you want the phone numbers, you have to upgrade the account, so this is the process you have to follow to get leads' email addresses from LinkedIn, right? So I believe you will be able to build a lead list from any niche for your need.

I think you have found this tool and this video helpful if you did, please give this video a like and share this video to help your friends. Again I'm going to attach the link to this website or tools website to the first section of the video description so that you'll be able to access the website easily. This will contain my sponsored URL and all right, guys, so thank you for reading.

And if you have got any questions, please feel free to ask me by commenting below, and I hope to see you in my following blogs. Have a good day. Bye-bye, and one more thing I forgot to show you is let's check out how many connections we have remaining here if I click on this icon.

After that, if you click on your profile picture, you will see how many contacts you have used. Just take a look. We have spent three connections already. We have collected more than three emails. Although we visited three profiles, it counts only the profiles, not the number of emails here. Alright, guys, thank you so much again. Have a good day.

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