SEMrush Honest Review 2022 Best Ahrefs Alternative

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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an SEO tool that performs your keyword analysis, monitors your competition's keyword strategy, runs an SEO audit of your blog, looks for backlinking opportunities, and much more.

SEMrush is trusted by internet marketers all over the world. It has a massive database of over 46 million domains and 120 million keywords. It tracks so many things, such as the organic position of a domain or landing URL on SEMrush (search engine results pages), copies of AdWords ads and their positions, CPC ads, competitor analysis and so much more. It helps with your content marketing, and that is the most important thing it does.

SEMrush starts with free 30 days trial, in the trial version we can use limited features. It offers 3 types of plans for its user who can go with it and choose the best one according to their business. In just a single dashboard we get everything done, will see it in a moment. If you want to do the analysis of your or your competitor's website please do Sign up in SEMrush. Enter the root domain into the main search box on the SEMrush website.


USER Interface

The SEMrush shows you the overview of the website in a single dashboard and it consists of –

  • Organic search domains
  • Paid search
  • Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • Display advertising
  • Referring domains
  • Sample media ads
  • Landing page
  • Sample text ad
  • Anchor links
  • Referring
  • Latest publishers
  • Organic

What does SEMrush Do?

1. Site SEO Audit

SEMrush gives a comprehensive website SEO audit option with every plan. They offer this audit program even with their basic “Pro” plan. The complete site audit investigates and reveals all the SEO issues on your blog.

You just need to set up a campaign for your site review and let it automatically run on designated interim of per week or per month. How often you would need a site audit depends on the size of the blog. If the blog or the site is huge and very active, you should prefer a weekly site audit. Set up a Site Audit once and after completing the review, SEMrush will send you an audit report weekly or monthly, depending on your preference.

SEMrush also gives you an option to select various crawlers, if you are integrating SEO audit for your blog for the first time. The SEMrush desktop bot is programmed to crawl, by default.

However, you can easily transform it into a mobile bot or Google bot. Always prefer the Google bot over the others. It is always good to see SEO results for your blog from Google’s perspective.


2. Social Networking Analysis

Social networking can give your business an incredible opportunity to connect with your existing customers and prospects. Social networking analysis or social media metrics gather vital information about your social media pages and your competitor’s social rankings so that you can track and analyze what matters most to increase traffic on your site.

The SEMrush Social Networking Analytics report is helpful to plug in and understand the social signals generated by your business.

Previously, the Social Networking Analytics section was in a BETA version, but now, the feature is available to all SEMrush paid users.

Social analytics is an essential part of SEO but frequently neglected by bloggers. This element of SEMrush gives you a chance to review the performance of your social accounts and understand how others are interacting with the business. You can likewise check your rival’s web-based social networking records and progress to understand and analyze how well you are getting along regarding your social networking reach, against them.

What you are going to like the most about this feature is the complete detail of everything including some social updates and engagement rate. If there is any close contender, you can develop your plan and technique around their promotional ventures, with the essential information you get with SEMrush, like how regularly their marketing strategy, updates on the social networks, and advertisements.

In Future:

You might want to see some YouTube integration in the future. Having YouTube as part of the social tracking would be very useful. Nowadays, all bloggers are very dynamic with video blogging, and YouTube is the most popular and obvious choice. You may have heard about VidIQ for YouTube clients before and having that sort of information provided by VidIQ or TubeBuddy would make SEMrush’s social networking element the key choice among video bloggers or vloggers.

Another mesmerizing feature could be a recommendation to enhance social engagement. Optimizing your web-based social networking account comparative to your rival’s social engagement report would likewise be extremely valuable, especially for beginners.

3. SEO Ideas Tool

As a blogger, you should know the importance of Search Engine Optimisation and Keyword Optimisation. SEMrush offers you the “SEO Ideas Tool” to handle all the web page optimization requirements.

This sectional analysis gets you the complete reports about auditing your landing pages and making comparisons to competitor’s web pages. SEMrush provides recommendations for keyword optimization and keyword target strategies after assessing landing pages on Google SERPs and competitor keywords.


SEMrush magic tool
SEMrush Keyword Magic tool dashboard

You need to add the web pages manually and then add keywords for which you need recommendations. SEMrush will generate an “optimization ideas” report for better keyword usage and backlinks ideas. With backlink ideas here, we mean suggestions of domains where you can set up backlinks and acquire higher ranking.

This tool from SEMrush is smart enough to pull out all the landing pages with essential keywords. This search is completely based on your position checker settings. This tool ranks the top 10 pages for similar keywords and gives you suggestions for improving your page ranking.

The statistics page of SEO Ideas Tool shows you the audit for optimized, non-optimized, and non-accessible landing pages. It also gives you a detailed analysis of pages, which need improvement regarding content, backlinks profile, and technical issues.

Note: SEO Ideas Tool is yet not very popular among SEMrush users. However, you should not miss out on this feature if you want to surpass the search engine optimization activities of competitors.

4. Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking is one of the most attractive features of SEMrush and the most vital part of your website optimization. Keyword position tracking feature supports local SEO for your site and tracks keywords based on location and device. You can either add keywords to SEMrush “position tracking settings” dashboard manually or directly from Google Analytics or a file (*.txt, *.csv).

Once you add the keywords to the Dashboard, it will start showing you suggested keywords in the “Sandbox”, from where you can select or deselect keywords according to your needs. With the latest selection of keywords, you can immediately start tracking the keyword rankings. It gives you a complete analysis of the current position of the selected keywords and the scope of improvement.

Do not forget to check the “Send me weekly updates” box. The box will help you keep track of your website development with weekly email updates.

Your Keyword Research section with SEMrush includes:

  • the possibility to find the right keyword
  • phrase matches with the initial keyword
  • find long-tail keywords and related keywords
  • perform multilingual keyword research

Tip: do not select the keywords with a search volume of more than 2000 per month, as they require a lot of effort to get the required traffic for your site. Choose the keywords between 500 to 1500 per month search volume. Make an exception only if you are fully conversant with SEO and have the experience to rank high competitor keywords.

How to Get a Complete Analysis of your Website?

The SEMrush dashboard gives you a comprehensive analysis of each SEO aspect associated with an online business.

Here is a checklist of all the features included in SEMrush:

  1. Domain Analytics
  2. Keyword Analytics
  3. Projects
  4. SEO Content Template
  5. Lead Generation Tool
  6. My Reports

Highest traffic find competitors keywords

SEMrush review by dipto design
magic tool ideas

You can fund the highest traffic keywords to your competitor with the help of the SEMrush tool. What keywords is your competitor taking the most traffic? This is SEMrush's amazing tool. We also call SEMrush reviews a magic tool.

Which keywords is your competitor taking the most from? You can analyze easily. You will clear all the confusion about your blog.

easily fund cuisine high source Which traffic is taking traffic from which keyword. You can understand this screenshot.

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