Earn money with Shutterstock -How create Shutterstock Contributor Account

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 Few words about  Shutterstock :

To make money from Shutterstock, you first need to know about Shutterstock. Shutterstock is one of the most popular stock photography websites. You can easily create a free account here and upload pictures. According to many YouTubers and bloggers, after creating an account on Shutterstock, you need to upload at least 10 images. But that is not true. Here you can start your journey by uploading only two to three pictures. I also work at Shutterstock myself.

Your chances of being sold here are at least two to three times higher than other websites, due to Shutterstock's large audience. In other words, the number of buyers here is many times more than on other websites. Every day millions of online marketers come to Shutterstock to find the pictures they needAnd Shutterstock and its audience are meeting the demand day by day.

Shutterstock provides Subscription Plans for Online Marketers and pays Contributors accordinglyHere you can earn from a minimum of 15 .15 to $ 100 per download. You will get 15% of the price at which your picture will be sold. But gradually as the amount of your download increases the amount of revenue will also increase.

The amount of money may seem very small. But here the marketplace is also a matter of calculation. For example, since I started working in stock photography, I have only been able to earn from Shutterstock and get paid. And the sales volume on the rest of the websites is very negligible. So even though the amount of money at Shutterstock is less, there are many benefits and payment security.

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How to create an account on Shutterstock

Click here to create an account for income from ShutterstockThen click on the “Sign up” button on the top right of the displayed page.


  • Step 1: Fill out the form carefully.
  • Full Name: Type the full name mentioned in your NID Card or Passport here.
  • Display Name: Enter the name you want to display to buyers here. Here you can also use special pseudonyms.
  • Email Address: Here you type your email address.
  • Password: Here you have to enter the password of your account. Password must contain at least 7 numbers and at least one Capital Character.

Shutterstock 2

Then mark the “I agree” box and click Next. The first step of registration has been completed properly.

Check the email you provided now. Shutterstock will send you a confirmation mail.

Shutterstock earing

Check the email and you will receive an email featuring the image. Now verify your account by clicking on “Please click here to verify your email”.

Step 2: As soon as you confirm the email, you will be taken to the Address input page. If this page does not appear automatically, you will be re-logged into your account with your email and password.
You have to give your address here. Since it is associated with money income, please provide all your correct information. Enter the address mentioned in your NID or Passport here.

Select the USA/Bangladesh in Country: Country.
Address: Enter your local address here If the address is not in the line then you can use Address Line 2. Otherwise, you can omit Address Line 2.
City, Zip Code, State: Enter the postal code or zip code of the city where you live.
Phone Number: Here you have to provide your phone number.

Now if the address you are at and the address to which the letter is coming are both the same address then mark the box below and click NextYou can also provide two different addresses if you wish.

shuttorstock 3

Step 3: Now you need to upload at least one picture. If you want you can upload the image later, for this you have to click on Go to the dashboard.

In today's Article, I will discuss how to create an account and complete the account so please click on “Go to dashboard”.

Shutterstock earning 2

The image you see above is the dashboard of the Shutterstock contributorNow you need to add your payment method (Payment Method)To do this, click on your name in the top right and click on “Account Settings”.

Shutterstock earning

Step 4: Now you will see “Payout Information” at the bottom leftFor income from Shutterstock, you must add a payment method. Click on “Payment Method” here and select your payment method.
Payment Method: Shutterstock pays through three payment methods.

You select your payment method.

Payout Email: Here you have to give PayoneerPaypal, or Skrill‘s Email.
Minimum Payout: Shutterstock will automatically send the amount of income that you pay here to your PayoneerPaypalSkrillHere you have to select a minimum of 35. That means you have to earn at least 35 35 to get the payment.

Now click on “Save Settings”Your payment method has been added.

Step 5: Initially, your profile will be only 5% complete. Please complete your profile 100%. If the profile is 100% complete, your profile will rank in Shutterstock very soon and above all, if any buyers buy your picture, a positive impression will be created. The Buyers of your photos will be interested to buy them. Because you never want to buy a picture of someone whose profile is not completely complete and not all the information is provided.

Click on “ Personalize My Portfolio” in the upper right to complete your profile.
Now here you have to provide information like what kind of work you do, what equipment you use, and your social contract information. If you have trouble understanding, follow the instructions below.

Contributor Type: Here Contributor type A Photographer select. If you wish, Videographer and Illustrator and Add can.

Styles: What kind of pictures do you love to take and are interested in, select those categories here.

Subject: Here you select the subject and what kind of pictures you want to sell. It's a lot like Styles.

Equipment: Enter the name of the camera or device with which you took the picture. If you are a smartphone photographer, enter your phone model number here. Otherwise, if you have a DSLR then type it. In other words, why not use the device, type its model number.

Tagline: Type your profile tags here. That means you are a photographer or a videographer and you have an interest in what and what kind of pictures you want to sell. You can write up to 150 characters here. So use the important words here.

Location: Select Country here.
Website: If you have any website, blog, or YouTube channel here, provide the link.

Shutterstock logo

Social Media: Here you enter the Username of FacebookLinkedInInstagram, and Twitter. If you do not have an account on any site, then create an account there and type the user name here. Biography: Type something about yourself here. Max 2 of the character can use.

Just as important as creating an account for Shutterstock, it is also important to complete its profile, so fill in all the fields mentioned or your profile will not be 100% complete.

Now your account is completely complete. You can start uploading pictures now if you want. Today is the second episode so far.

It is also important to upload photos correctly for income from Shutterstock. Click here for details on how to upload images.

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