7 Best apps for Students all time

Nowadays Android phone is a very important tool. A lot of our short work can be done with this tool. Different apps made for Android can make your reading much more dynamic. So let's take a look at what they are

Google KeepOr Microsoft Onenote

Students often need to note down a subject, name, number, keyword, etc. A note-making app can be used later so that the app can be used. It is very easy to note anything. And apps s cloud-dependent and cross-platform.

Bangla Dictionary

When reading English, various new words are in front of us, so the Bengali dictionary carries a lot of importance for this. Bangla dictionary is one of the richest dictionaries I have ever seen.

Google readerOr Adobe Acrobat Reader

People who do not know PDF files are now rare. There is no peace like reading PDF on Android. The use of PDF books in schools, colleges, offices, and courts is now commonplace. And the two best ones for this PDF are Google Reader and Adobe Reader. Google Reader is much smaller and takes up less space. Those who do not have good storage or RAM can use it. And if the phone is good, Adobe.

Khan AcademyOr 10 minute school

Nowadays online education has made learning much easier and more dynamic so these two academies can be your own school or college in times of epidemic when the outside society is not safe.


Why not brother? This is also a great thing. It is a tool for those who do arithmetic. The best thing about scientific calculators like Google Calculator is that it is ad-free and Google's own. Although all phones have a built-in calculator.

6 And of the Microsoft Photo us call MathOr Photomath

What could be a better benefit than getting a solution by taking a picture of the numbers, so I will recommend these two good apps.

7 And on Google Slides

A lot of the time you have to submit a lot of presentations in college to school so PowerPoint can be a thing of your work. A free PowerPoint is called Google Slide. Moreover, there is Microsoft PowerPoint for more features.

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