How to start affiliate marketing with a unique blog in 2021

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You have a few options when it comes to establishing an affiliate marketing website. You can use HTML to create a static website. This requires familiarity with the target programming language.

Additionally, you'll need an HTML editor to create your pages. An alternative to this is to create a blog using WordPress, a free platform that many people are now using to create affiliate websites.

Start affiliate marketing:

How come WordPress?

There are numerous advantages to utilizing WordPress for affiliate marketing purposes. For starters, it's simple to install via your web host's cPanel. Fantastico enables you to install WordPress in less than a minute. Once complete, your site will be live and feature a fully functional blog for you to promote your affiliate products.

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Another reason many affiliate marketers prefer WordPress is the administration panel's ease of use. When you log into your WordPress installation, you'll have access to the administrative dashboard's various sections.

You can change the theme of your blog, create pages or posts, install WordPress plugins, and monitor your site's statistics from here. The ability to perform tasks with the click of a button is what makes WordPress so appealing to affiliate marketers.


Additionally, WordPress can aid in the search engine optimization of your website. There are numerous themes and plugins available that include built-in features that will assist you in ranking your site higher in the search results.

Consider your metadata. This section contains a title, a description, and a collection of tags that search engines can use to determine which keywords your website is targeting. If you use HTML, you would need to manually type these into your pages. However, with WordPress, you can enter the information in text fields and it will be added automatically when you publish the post.

Plan Your Posts

Because search engines prefer new content, WordPress makes it absurdly simple to update your site on a regular basis. You can even schedule blog posts for future publication. If you sit down and write 52 blog posts (or outsource them), you can arrange for them to publish weekly. This effectively places your blogging efforts on autopilot for an entire year!

As you can see, there are countless reasons to consider WordPress as the platform for your affiliate blogs. While some may find the platform difficult to use, it certainly beats learning the entire HTML language in order to create a website.

Businesses are happy to compensate individuals like you for selling their products and services. When you choose the right niche, stay committed, and understand it, you get the potential to earn a substantial income.

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