The best Windows File Explorer design concept

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File explorer new design concept got viral on Reddit

Microsoft’s home windows report  File Explorer has existed within the working machine considering windows ninety-five, and it has served as a focal point for design ideas ever on account of that. I’ve seen an expansion of mockups over the years that try and redesign the file Explorer and modernize it, but Reddit consumer Alur2020 has truly nailed what present-day record management needs to seem like in windows 10. this is the excellent home windows document Explorer concept I’ve ever visible.

The concept, noticed with the aid of Neowin, is right now hanging for its sheer simplicity and usefulness. The default home region imagines a place where you can quickly see pinned objects, drives, and currently used documents. It’s a simple place to discover something essential. Alur2020 has additionally included Microsoft’s new home windows 10 device icons, or even shade-coded businesses for files and folders just like macOS’ Finder.

other than the natural layout, this concept also imagines what tabs may seem like in a cutting-edge report Explorer. It looks very much like Microsoft facet browser tabs, allowing report Explorer users to open up a couple of folders in a single view. Microsoft changed into operating on its very own set characteristic for windows 10 that protected tabs in document Explorer, but the company put this work on keep a couple of years in the past. It’s not clear whether or not file Explorer will ever formally get tabs to help inside the destiny.

the best Windows File Explorer design concept
File Explorer concept. Alur2020 (Reddit)

This idea record Explorer also offers up a purifier manner to deal with pix in folders, with a minimalist ribbon of options. There are even nested folders on the aspect panel, allowing windows users to quickly switch between folders that are buried deep in a couple of folder structures. The breadcrumb bar has labored nicely for navigation at the top of the File Explorer for years, but this nested folders option gives even extra methods to navigate around.

Alur2020’s concept has proved popular over on Reddit, with masses of remarks praising the design, hundreds of upvotes, and a number of Reddit awards. The concept comes simply weeks after Microsoft unveiled new file Explorer icons as part of a larger visible overhaul for windows 10.

Microsoft has additionally created new machine icons for windows 10 this yr, as part of a deliberate “sweeping visual rejuvenation of home windows,” codenamed “solar Valley.” The enterprise is anticipated to element its home windows UI plans and greater approximately the future of the OS inside the coming months as a part of a dedicated information occasion.

Some User Feedback on it

Microsoft products are so bad that Apple totally overtook their market, and after 20 years grew their OS market share to a dominating 10%. And they care so much about enterprise and content creators that they after 5 years of demanding the same price of Mac Pro, made shiny trash can more be focused on look and prestige than actual usability. Years laters they now managed to come up with an ATX case and new Mac Pro, and again it’s apparent that Apple cares very little about the professional segment.


I’m not the biggest proponent of Apple, but here is where I will defend Steve Jobs. The man wanted to make good products. Professional Products. The JJ Abrams quote regarding Apple computer products of “What are you going to do that is worthy of this computer?” Does Apple have bad design ideas they put into practice? Yes. Ping. The Mac Touchbar. The Scissor Switch Keyboard. However, macOS is amazingly polished. The M1 is going to make Intel and others bring all they can to the table. iOS is a foundation for software unlike anything in history. The iPhone is The iPhone.

This actually looks much better than the concept above, which just seems to “borrow” a lot of design elements from macOS. This looks like an evolution of the existing File Explorer with a few Fluent flourishes.

They put so much crap in and take so much crap out of Windows. But there really hasn’t been a substantial improvement to it for decades. It’s essentially the same application as the one they shipped with 7. I’m sure Microsoft could rustle up couple of engineers to re-work File Explorer. All I want is tabs.

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