Top 5 Wallpaper android apps 2021 (Best Ever)


Hello everyone,this is Dipto from Dipto Design. We are back with one more top apps article about Top 5 Wallpaper android app 2021 and today we are going to show you the five best wallpaper apps you should check out on an Android device.

And guys,these are my favorite wallpaper apps so far this year and hope you will also find them good.And also if you like this article,
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Top 5 Wallpaper android apps

So without any further Ado, let's begin out today's article and as usual, we will be showing the apps in random order. So the first app and my favorite app in the list is the Walli is my all time favorite app, and I use this app mainly to get all my wallpapers.This app has also got a lot of updates and now has some cool and new features.

Top 5 Wallpaper android app 2021 Walli
Walli – 4K Wallpapers / playstore

So guys, this app is not just any other wallpaper app, but it offers a lot more. You get high quality Creative wallpapers which are unique and look
cool on your device.

The wallpapers you see in this app are made by artists, and these are the selected artists in the community who create these amazing wallpapers.
You can also follow an artist and get notified when they upload a new wallpaper.

There is also a new feature which lets you change wallpapers automatically, just create a playlist and now the app will change your wallpaper. Overall, Walli is a one stop for all your creative and unique background and wallpapers, so definitely download this app right away.

The next step we have in our list is the Dark Pics.Dark Pix is a free app that has a good collection of HD and 4K AMOLED wallpapers. So nowadays most of the phones come with the AMOLED screen and with this app you can have a full HD Dark Walls which will give your phone not only a good look but also safe battery.

This app has a simple and an easy user interface where you have the latest warpiers here. And I must say that these Dark Warp looks amazing on your phone screen.

There are 25 plus well arranged categories in the app, which offers highquality premium walls.Some of these categories are abstract,animal, dope sports and so on.

Overall, if you have an MLS phone,then we highly recommend you to check out the Dark Pics MLS Wallpaper app.

The next wallpaper app we have in our list is the Backdrops.Backdrops comes with hundreds of original wallpapers which are handcrafted in house by the backdrops team.So in the app on the top we have the wall of the day and here at the bottom we have some cool looking, decent wallpapers.

And guys backdrops have a lot of cool and creative wallpapers, which will give your phone a new look and feel. There is also a category section, but here you will find the premium categories.The best part about this app is the community where you can find the best wallpapers from other users and artists.

And to be honest,it has some of the best wallpapers I have seen which are uploaded by other users in the app. You can also search wallpapers by Tags and the color of the wallpaper, which is also very helpful.
Overall, if you're looking for a good and a creative wallpaper for your phone, then do check out backdrops.

The next step we have in our list is the walldrobe. Walldrobe offers beautiful free wallpapers which are uploaded by other users who are mainly photographers. So the UI of the app is simple and here you have two sections
Explore and Collections.

In the Explore tab, you can see the latest wallpapers from some of the best photographers. You can either download the wallpaper or apply from within the app.You can also see the views and number of likes of each wallpaper on the collection page. We have the neatly organized categories and here we have hundreds of free HD wallpapers.

There is also an automatic wallpaper changer where you can set the time interval categories and the app will auto change the wallpaper for you. Overall, I find the Walldrobe the largest open collection of high quality wallpaper app, so do check it out and the final app we have in our list is the Lit Balls.

Lit Walls is a free app that has a very good collection of HD 4K and ultra HD Warp papers and also live wart papers. So on the home page you can see the recent wallpapers and I must say that the quality of these wallpapers is very good.
You can set the wallpaper from within the app and also save the wallpaper in your phone.There is also a live wallpaper section and the quality is again very good.

The app also has a shuffle page where it shuffles the wallpaper every time you swipe down.Next we have the trending page where you can see some of the best most downloaded wallpapers.

And lastly, we have the collection page and here on the top you can see some stock wallpapers by different phone brands and then below it we have the different categories.

Overall, Lit Walls do offer some lit walls for your phone and we highly recommend you to check out this app.
so that's it.

Guys, these are the five best warpings app we have for you to try out this one.Let us know if you like them and also do tell us your favorite popped up in the comment section below.
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