What is AppSumo? AppSumo Review & Best Tips and Tricks for Buying Lifetime Deals in 2022

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In this AppSumo article, I'll discuss my own experience with the platform, as well as the advantages and disadvantages to be aware of.

Over the years, I've purchased various pieces of software from AppSumo. Though Appsumo is a fantastic service in general, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of.

For those of you who aren't familiar with AppSumo, let me explain. It's a website that sells software for a lifetime. There is a slew of other sites that offer the same thing, but AppSumo is the most popular and, in my experience, has the best bargains.

AppSumo also offers the finest refund policy of any of these kinds of services I've seen. AppSumo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of its items, so if you buy something, use it for a time, and then decide it's not for you, you can easily request a refund.

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The tools on offer are usually (but not always) from relatively new SaaS startups with a product that you would otherwise pay for on a monthly basis. They'll sell their stuff on AppSumo for a much reduced one-time charge.

Different plans are usually available, and you can stack various ‘codes' to get different restrictions or features.

At the end of 2021, for example, Short Pixel Image Optimizer (a WordPress image reduction software) was on the list. In most cases, their product strategies look like this:

ShortPixel is a well-established product that has been around since 2014, which is unusual for AppSumo promotions. I was already using ShortPixel's free version and was about to pay for their lowest monthly tier because I was reaching the restrictions of the free plan, so when I saw the AppSumo deal, I purchased one code for $49. In a year's time, that will pay for itself.

However, not all of the AppSumo deals are no-brainers, so let's go over the advantages and disadvantages as I see them.

The majority of the software offers are geared toward small company owners, so if you own a blog, freelance writer, designer, manage a digital firm, or anything, you should definitely take a look.

The following are examples of software that I frequently see on there:

  • SEO software
  • Tools for email marketing
  • Image editing software
  • Video editing software
  • Content creation tools
  • Analytical software


  • You can get some great deals that might save you thousands of dollars over time.
  • The money-back-guarantee of 60 days is fantastic.
  • On there, you'll frequently find some pretty unique young products.
  • Frequently, I'll be paying for another piece of software when something comparable appears on AppSumo, allowing me to switch and save money.


  • Buying Compulsively
  • Don't become addicted to AppSumo.
  • User Reviews That Are Overly Excited
  • Failure of a New Business
  • Product Development Deficit
  • Companies who do not adhere to the spirit of the agreement


  1. You can get some great deals that might save you thousands of dollars over time.
  2. The money-back-guarantee of 60 days is fantastic.
  3. On there, you'll frequently find some pretty unique young products.
  4. Frequently, I'll be paying for another piece of software when something comparable appears on AppSumo, allowing me to switch and save money.


Buying Compulsively

With AppSumo, it's easy to get carried away and buy products you don't actually need or will never use. “Oh, that's a good deal,” they say. “I don't need it right now, but I might in the future, so I'll get it while it's on sale.”

I see folks on AppSumo who have purchased hundreds of deals, and I'm not sure anyone needs that much software in their life.

Don't become addicted to AppSumo.

User Reviews That Are Overly Excited

Trusting user reviews is something I've rapidly learned not to do. I'm not suggesting they're all made up (although I'm sure some are).

On AppSumo, there are a number of bargains that look fantastic at first glance and have a lot of positive reviews from individuals who are gushing about how great the product is. After putting the product through its paces, I've come to a totally different conclusion.

I'm not entirely clear why this occurs. My view is that many consumers who buy tools have very little familiarity with what rival products have to offer. As a result, they see something and think it's fantastic, despite the fact that there are far better instruments for the job already available.

Another idea is that some people are simply Magpies who see something shiny and new and think it's fantastic without really considering how useful it is, and then write a glowing AppSumo review to validate their purchase.

So, instead of relying on other people's AppSumo reviews, test it thoroughly for yourself and come to your own conclusions. If you need to buy it to test all of the features, go ahead and do so; you'll get your money back if it doesn't meet your expectations.

Failure of a New Business

You should be aware that you are almost always purchasing early-stage products from startups. Even if the product is excellent, the corporation may not be able to turn it into a viable product. There's no guarantee that they'll stick around in the long run.

This is simply a risk you are willing to take. In two years, the company may fail and shut down, or the product may be discontinued since it is no longer something they want to support for whatever reason.

According to AppSumo, 92 per cent of enterprises that debut an offer on their platform are still operational after three years.

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Product Development Deficit

Frequently, you are purchasing an immature product that lacks all of the capabilities you desire or fails to live up to the promise for some other reason. In this situation, you're betting that the product will be successful and that the founders will continue to develop and build it.

Most products that launch on AppSumo have a product development roadmap, so you can see what features the founders expect to add in the future. However, there is no certainty that these will ever be built.

Companies who do not adhere to the spirit of the agreement

To be fair, this doesn't happen very often, but it's not unheard of. When you purchase a product on AppSumo, you are typically purchasing a plan, or a set of plans, such as ‘Basic' or ‘Growth.' These plans may differ in terms of usage restrictions or features. The essence of the offer is usually that most new additions will be added to your plan for free, or that it will be explicitly mentioned in the original offer what types of items would not be included in the future.

What happens occasionally is that the corporation creates a new plan, let's call it the ‘Enterprise' plan and all/most new features are only available in it.

This is a bit of a grey area because some new services, such as accessing search engine data such as impressions, may cost the company money if they are utilised. Alternatively, the feature could be aimed towards a specific user or use case. As a result, it would make sense not to make it available to clients who have purchased a lifetime deal.

There isn't much you can do to protect yourself against this, but as I previously stated, it's rare for a firm to purposefully ignore the consumers that helped them succeed.

Why do companies use AppSumo to market their products?

Some of you might be asking why a software firm would ever consider putting their product on AppSumo. Why sell your product for a low one-time fee when you might charge a monthly fee and generate a steady stream of income?

The solution is straightforward. AppSumo has the ability to generate a large number of consumers and thus money in a short period of time. AppSumo gives businesses access to over 1 million registered users, a large email list, and 4,000 affiliates, among other things. It's essentially a marketing machine that a firm may use to promote a product.

Furthermore, ‘Sumolings,' as AppSumo users are known, are typically very engaged with the things they purchase, making them an excellent source of product development feedback.

What is AppSumo Plus and how does it work?

You'll see something called AppSumo Plus when you first start using AppSumo. You pay $99 every year and get 10% off everything you buy, as well as early and late access to deals. Because I don't buy that much software on AppSumo, the price isn't worth it for me. In the last year, I've spent around $600 on it, which is fairly expensive for me when compared to the average. To qualify for the 10% discount, you must spend more than $1000 each year; if this describes you, AppSumo Plus may be worth considering.

What is AppSumo Briefcase and how does it work?

This is an additional option to save money on AppSumo purchases. This offer's mechanics are rather convoluted. You pay $49 each month (paid quarterly) and are given four chips each quarter, each worth $49. After that, you can use your chips to make purchases on AppSumo.

You also get the same 10% discount as AppSumo Plus, as well as free access to several software products (namely MissingLettr & King Sumo).

I warned you it would be difficult.

Again, I simply do not spend enough time on AppSumo to make this worthwhile for me.

Review of AppSumo – Final Thoughts

Overall, I like the concept of AppSumo Lifetime software offers. Over the years, I've brought some great buys (and no duds…yet), and I still use most of them on a regular basis, saving myself at least a few thousand dollars.

However, as I mentioned earlier in this article, the reason I've been so ‘fortunate' with the deals I've purchased is that I conduct extensive due diligence before making any purchases. I always put it to the test and don't buy anything I don't absolutely need.

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