What is the full form of ONTD in 2022

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Oh No They Didn't, commonly called as ONTD, is the largest community on LiveJournal with over 100,000 members.

The able to improve on celebrity news and pop culture with most of its postings gathered from other gossip blogs.


The blog announced a contract with pop culture blog network Buzz Media in July 2010 which was not renewed a year later.

The blog had over 300,000 page visits everyday according to a 2008 Popmatters article, although it has substantially decreased in subsequent years. After LiveJournal raised the comment limit on postings from 5000 to 10,000 comments, ONTD contained the first post to reach this new threshold.

The network was first started in 2004 by youngsters Erin Lang, Bri Draffen and Breniecia Reuben.

What is full form of ONTD in 2022

The group publishes an average of 100 member posts every day,with most postings generating between 100 and 500 comments on average. The discussion moderators publish a weekly article called “Free for All Friday” (or “FFAF”) which allows users to add off-topic remarks.

These free-for-all posts have often been expanded to include community discussion posts for key pop culture events such as the Academy Awards, the Olympic (known as “Free for All Olympics” or “FFAO” views) and Saturday Night Live viewing posts.

In addition to users writing the postings directly, ONTD relies largely on user engagement in the comments section, where members can voice their opinions on posts.

Members often convey their reaction to a particular news article by sharing an animated GIF graphic which represents their feelings.

But after death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, according to MSNBC, “affected by multiple their collective grief by posting a Fantasia Barrino GIF, in which the American Idol celebrity distorting and thrashes her hands wildly,”while other users expressed concern over the continued use of a popular GIF chosen to take from the music video “Murder mystery” featuring a scene of Jackson munching chips, an image that is frequently posted on the community in expectations of a controversial or “flame-worthy topic.”

ONTD was the first network to break the news of Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy, after releasing OK! Publication's unreleased front page cover,and was the first to reveal that Kirk Acevedo had stated via his Facebook status update that he had been dismissed from the Fox drama, Fringe.

When the reports of Jon from Jon and Kate Gosselin's adultery started circulating in February 2009, a photo of Jon out on town was uploaded on ONTD, which showed him posing with two young women in a nearby bar.

Major glossy magazines picked up the news, and a screen grab of ONTD could be seen in Legend and US Weekly.

The most shocking and important incidents are often given nicknames to identify them in future posts, such as the January 2008 treatment of Britney Spears, which was named Hostage Brituation '08 by the community's members.

This term was then picked up and utilized by Rolling Stone. The abuse situation between singers Rihanna and Chris Brown was dubbed Domestic Disturbia '09 by the community's representatives the community was also credited with starting a catch phrase (“Gokey is a douche”) related to some mates of American Idol finalist Danny Gokey's nasty remarks and pictures regarding colleague contestant Adam Lambert.

The exclusion of “#gokeyisadouche” from Twitter's trending topics list triggered a discussion about Twitter's censorship.

The community was also responsible for a scam that claimed actress Betty White had died. After a blog called “Renner, Just Happy to Be Here” was approved to the community, the original poster edited the post to show a screen capture of a TMZ article claiming White had died.

Users exhibited shock and disbelief, before slowly understanding the report was a hoax when not only did the source link only connect to TMZ's main website.

Another famous fraud was a phony Twitter photo of Michael Lohan alleging his daughter Lindsay Lohan had an affair with Tommy Mottola when she was 17, and that she had HIV. Though the tweet was promptly deleted, Perez Hilton reported on the screenshot as if it were real and other gossip sites followed.

Michael felt that the screenshot was real and that someone had hacked his Twitter account, while Lindsay refused to think her father was innocent, adding “He's a grown man and has done the same same things on TV/interviews, why wouldn't he lie on Twitter, and everywhere else!”

Some admins of ONTD apologised for the issue, while adding that they were “quite shocked to hear that Neither of the other gossip or media websites that reported the article bothered checking for accuracy and have yet to post a retraction or apologies for propagating such a cruel myth.”

In January 2009, ONTD became the first LiveJournal forum to achieve 16,777,216 entries. This exceeded LiveJournal's heretofore unrecognized limit on comments. This resulted in almost a week of outage for the community, as LiveJournal attempted to fix the issue.

A secondary forum, ontd, was founded and members posted and commented there until the issue was solved.

Oh No They Didn't was momentarily stopped due to an upsurge of usage following the death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009. The volume of traffic the community got brought all of LiveJournal's server down, resulting in downtime for the whole domain. During this period, members migrated briefly to ontd once again.

On January 18, 2012, Oh No They Didn't dark out for 12 hours, in opposition against SOPA.

The choice was left up to the visitors, who voted in support of the web's blackout.

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