What is GetResponse and how does it work in 2022

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We're drowning in a sea of email marketing and marketing automation technologies, all of which perform the same functions.

Regardless, GetResponse is one of the brands that comes up frequently while discussing email advertising software.

It's one of those machines that has been around for a long time and continues to function year after year. In this GetResponse survey, we'll try to break down the device into its components and discuss its main features and flaws.

Finally, you should have the choice of deciding whether GetResponse is good enough to use for your company.

What is GetResponse and how does it work?

GetResponse has been around for quite some time. The first autoresponder was sent out in 1997 by SEO Simon Grabowski.

This triggered a cascading effect, which began with a year later with the enrollment of Trusted Inbound Marketing Software – Email Marketing and Beyond.

GetResponse has been expanding its offerings and expanding its group abroad since then. GetResponse has also received praise from publications such as Website Magazine, which named GetResponse the second-best email marketing provider in 2011. In any event, how has GetResponse managed to maintain control over its game in the face of a much harsher competition loaded with fancy odds and ends to the delight of clients?

GetResponse's strongest quality is arguably its steady development and ability to evolve with the times. It hasn't become complacent, as it continues to provide clients with the best email advertising options to help them grow their businesses.

Features of GetResponse

Rather than gushing about how fantastic GetResponse is, get down in the weeds and examine the gadget in person.

The following are its basic components and how each one works together to help you make an impact with your business.

Marketing via email

Its top management is still one of the best in the industry.

GetResponse makes it simple to create fantastic communications that your supporters will want to open.

founder of email

Everything starts with a look at the pre-made layouts. Rather than improvising a strategy, simply choose whatever format you'd like to utilize for your email crusade. You can check the format first to see whether it matches the look and feel you want in your email.

Show just layouts from the classification that best fulfills your needs to make your search for the suitable format much easier. Click on the squares and segments you want to change from here.

Its WYSIWYG editor lets you to make changes to the page as they will appear to your endorsers after you're completed.

You can also adjust the configuration of each square or area by fiddling with its settings. Changing the shading or resizing the text dimension is straightforward with only a few clicks, even if you don't have any design abilities.

You can also move squares and places that need to be added to the layout to further modify it.

In the email proofreader, you can also add the Product box and Recommended goods blocks to the Ecommerce section. However, if you put up your store on GetResponse, you might be able to make use of these.

You can save the current email plan in a format if you need to use a similar email plan on different missions. You can then return to your work in the Design and Content area (just click the My formats tab) at a later time. When you've completed the plan and determined who will receive the email, you'll need to determine when the email will be sent. You can email it right away or schedule a time for your recipients to see it.

Better yet, use Perfect Planning to ensure that supporters receive the email at the optimal moment based on when they opened previous messages from you.


Assume you need to send an email or a series of emails to a group of supporters in a timely manner. Because it's tough to physically deliver the messages one at a time, GetResponse's Autoresponders feature makes it easier for you.

Create your first autoresponder by determining when an email will be sent to a supporter of your list.

For example, you can use autoresponders to welcome new supporters by sending them a welcome email with links to pages on your site that they should visit to familiarize themselves with your company. If the autoresponder's schedule isn't quite established, you can plan the email and send it out in the same manner as before.

While sending autoresponders is an excellent way to reach out to local new supporters, this element is substantially enhanced when combined with the advertising robotization feature, which we will cover in a moment.

In any case, just to give you an idea, you may automate your deals and commitments by setting up a trickle feed crusade with many autoresponders!

Email tracking

To ensure the success of your email campaign, you must first understand how your supporters received it.

Regardless matter whether you believe you created the best email campaign in the world, it's unlikely that your complete list of supporters feels the same way. Regardless, you must assess how your mission was received by your followers in order to determine what went well and what went wrong, and to help you improve your future campaign.

Audit the mission's examination to view the numerous measurements that determine the mission's overall presentation. You may get an outline of how your list reacted to one of your email crusades from the dashboard. It displays how many of your messages were sent to your supporters, as well as the mission's open and navigate rates.

More information on the mission, such as the skip and withdraw rates, as well as the number of objections received, can be found by digging deeper.

Management of a list

When putting together a list, you want people who are invested in and enthusiastic about your brand. However, you might be able to do so if you can send them letters encouraging them to participate and stay active. GetResponse's List Management feature helps you do this by fragmenting your endorsers and applying conditions to them.

For example, you can divide groups of people who joined using a different structure and a specific message on your website (erring on this later).

You might design a personalized crusade for this fragment that they can acquire from you after you have made a section for them. As a result, you make your collaborations with each of your parts more unique and personal, which aids in increasing dedication, if not modifications.

Adding conditions to each of your supporter lists is another technique to help you cope with them.

Emails for business transactions

You need more from your email marketing software than just gathering endorsers and sending messages if you run an online business website.

You'll need a tool that will deliver messages to people who haven't looked at their trucks in a while, as well as receipts to clients for each transaction. The Transactional Email feature of GetResponse allows you to connect to its API or SMTP and deliver conditional messages to clients. By automating this structure, you can focus on the 10,000-foot vision — the apparatus' nearly 100% email delivery record and solid base ensure that you're not letting go without a hitch.

To further increase your business opportunities, you can break down and survey the presentation of these communications.

Forms for registering

Obviously, you can't send out an email campaign if you don't have any supporters to send it to.

GetResponse, fortunately, has you covered.

To begin with, its sign-up style allows you to collect contact information for your rundown that you will remember.

It's easy to construct a structure. Explore four distinct ways to construct shapes and choose from a variety of forms organized into classes so you don't have to start from scratch.

You can change the current fields and style as well as add new ones if the need arises, just as you can with an email.

You can disseminate the structure on your site once you've done it simply pasting the code into any page. You can also ask your website designer to perform it for you, or you can let GetResponse do it from its servers. As previously said, all you have to do now is share the URL with your audience.

Landing pages are a type of web page that is used

You can use points of arrival instead of structures if you need to convert visitors into endorsers or even clients.

You can create one by selecting from a variety of layouts organized by kind (advancement, download, deal, and so on)

Building a point of arrival is also a breeze thanks to the developer's easy-to-use interface.


If your asset guides aren't helping your organization grow, you might consider taking things to the next level using online classes.

Facilitating online introductions where your audience can join to learn more about a topic is also a fantastic way to locally inform them about your products and administrations.

They attended your online class because they're interested in what you have to say and provide. As a result, with just an online course meeting, I intend to close more clients and consumers.

GetResponse is by far the most popular email marketing platform with built-in online class capabilities. What makes it far and away superior is how well its many components work together to make setting up your online lessons a lot easier than using an external device.

To create an online course, you must first set up the finer details, such as the URL for the online course website, the date, the length, and so on.

You can also use the online course to gather registrations ahead of time and assign them to a specific email show.

You can create structures and greeting pages that will allow your audience to pre-register for the online course once you've saved the settings and moved on to the next level.

You may create autoresponders from here to remind them when the online course will take place and to stay up to date on any changes.

You can promote your online course in a booklet using your current performance so that they can join and learn about it as well.

This is where the fantastic beginnings begin once the online program has begun.

GetResponse has more than enough tools to set up an effective online class where you can take questions and interact with participants on a continual basis.

For those who were unable to attend the online session, you can record the entire course and provide them the link so they can see it whenever they are available.

Marketing automation is a term used to describe

If you need to generate more sales and profits on autopilot, GetResponse's promoting automation features are a great place to start.

As previously said, you can create a drip feed crusade using several autoresponders. This allows you to give the product something to do by sending the messages to a segment in your rundown.

To do so, you'll need to create a work procedure tailored to your goal.

While you have the option of creating the work process on your own, you can also go through pre-made work process formats with built-in components.

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Funnel for conversion

The aspects listed above are just a few examples of how GetResponse can help your company.

However, if you need to put everything together, its Conversion Funnel allows you to connect the elements and create a high-changing over pipe that will turn visitors into clients.

Website creator

GetResponse is now capable of assisting you with the creation of entire websites.

You won't receive the same level of adjustability as you would with dedicated web designers, but what about another factor? Astonishing.

If you need to quickly put together a basic website, this is an excellent option. The AI developer takes the pain out of website creation by allowing you to browse a variety of suggested layouts based on your type of business.

When your basic site is ready, you can customize it using a drag-and-drop editor.

Shop on the internet

Do you need to sell computerized or physical goods? You certainly can.

GetResponse also has this feature, which works well with their Conversion Funnel gadget.

This means you can put construct fully functional offers pipes without tying together a slew of different marketing tools.

Isn't there anything to be said about partnering with installers? GetResponse works with Square, Stripe, PayPal, and a slew of other services.

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